Monday, June 1, 2015

Flooded spiders and big streets I mean flooded streets and big spiders

So not really much happened this week. Don't get me wrong it was a good week, but not really much happened. The mission goal was to get 100% member present lessons and we did so that was really good. We met with Honie with a couple named the Michaels and it was really good. We asked her about her opinion on everything and she kept saying that she didn't have an opinion then we started talking about truth and how there can only be one church with complete truth and that's the church that is led by Christ. Then Bro. Michael bore his testimony and then I bore my testimony and we said a closing prayer and when we said goodbye she was really solemn and not her usual talkative self so she was totally feeling the Spirit. Then later Bro and Sis Michael told us that we did a great job teaching her and that was nice of them to say that. We didn't see Darien or Zach at all this week, but we had a stake/zone conference yesterday and Zach came so that was really good. He's got state baseball pretty much all week and then on Sunday he'll be with his dad so it will probably be a while before we see him again. We had a zone conference yesterday with the stake and it was really good. We also have a zone conference on Thursday and it's gonna be the last zone conference with President and Sister Shumway so there will be a lot of tears shed. We met with and tried to meet with a bunch of less actives this week, so that's where most of our lessons were going to. One day we were with our ward mission leader and we went to like 4 people's houses and none of them were home, it was so frustrating. One day we stopped by Darien's house and he wasn't home and it was that awkward time where it's almost time to go home but you're not supposed to go home yet so we just went home and cleaned a little bit and watched the Church's Bible videos. Then we found an absolutely massive spider on the chair that Elder Chapman was sitting on just minutes before. So we devised a way to kill it. The only way we could think of was using a hot iron. So I knocked it off the chair with a broom and proceeded to get it to go in the direction of Elder Chapman and the waiting iron. Then it started running/jumping towards Elder Chapman and he dropped the iron on it and it killed it. It was one of the scariest things I have ever done. During that whole time it was raining like crazy and there were tornado warnings and everything. So the next morning the creek that runs alongside the road we use to get out had risen like 3-5 feet and the road was flooded so we had to use the back way out. I will send pictures.
Elder Naegle
 here is a picture of Elder Chapman and Darien I found on his camera

 here is the spider we killed, we got it taxidermied and now it's hanging on our wall
This is a pretty nice view, and if you look behind us you can see a nice view as well

This is our new mission vehicle, I'm not quite sure how well it will fare on dirt roads tho...

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