Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2 Millettz

This last week was packed with eventful events. First things first, I went on exchanges with Poteau and it was a fun experience. Then on Wednesday, we had district meeting then we had a district lunch at Taco Bell, then Spanish was going to stay with us for the day because Elder Andruski was performing in the play with us that night. So we went back to our apartment to grab something I think and we got a call from the Poteau Elders saying that they had just gotten in a car wreck. So we went to pick them up expecting to see a bunch of Policemen and whatnot and there's nobody there besides the Elders. What had happened was they rear-ended some lady. Her car wasn't that damaged, but the Elders' car was smooshed in the front and all the airbags had gone off. The lady who they hit was wanted in like 4 states so the Police arrested her and then left. So I guess they caught a criminal. Then that night we had the Christmas play and it all went very nicely. One day during the week, some Jehovah's witnesses came to our apartment complex and left a bunch of their material in everybody's doors. Then we were chilling in our apartment one day and we get a knock on the door, Elder Kealer answers it and it's some pastor from a church nearby. He was all smiles until he saw who we were and then he kept telling us he wasn't proselyting, just trying to get to know the people in the area around his church. He was totally proselyting. We were nice to him though. Monday we had the mission wide zone conference. It was really fun. I got to see all of my good friends who haven't gone home yet. The Fort Smith zone has been the top zone for the past 6 weeks straight, except for one of those weeks we only had the second most number of lessons. Amen.
Elder Naegle

2 Chainz

This last week was cool. Actually it was 70 degrees all week. Which would be nice, except we're wearing suit coats and normally it's not a problem, except when you stand in the sun and there's no breeze or you get in the car that has been heated up from the sun. Well not much happened this week. Somehow Elder Kealer and I ended up in our ward's Christmas play which is also kind of a musical. Elder Kealer has to sing a solo. Luckily we've only got a few lines each so it's not that big of a deal. We worked pretty hard this week which makes you feel good even though other people used their agency to not listen to us. Man, no offense but there are some really dumb people in the world, just sayin. We had a zone conference where Elder Foster from the 70 came. It was good but I didn't think it was that great. But apparently the North American Southwest area is the second fastest growing area of the Church in the world next to Africa. That's cool. The NASW covers from like where we're at to like Idaho so it's a strangely shaped area. This week we learned not to browse through the pictures of somebody else's phone... twice. Other than that, the Fort Smith zone has been putting up the best numbers in the whole mission for like the last month straight. So now I can brag to all the other zone leaders that my zone is better than theirs. Just kidding, I will only boast in the Lord. And my area is probably doing the worst right now in the zone so I'm not quite sure why I'm one of the zone leaders....