Monday, June 29, 2015

Baptismal dates tho'

This last week  started off well with us setting a date for Darien to be baptized. I'm not quite sure how ready he is but I think that once he gets baptized it'll motivate him to learn more and to come to church and church activities more. He seems pretty excited. Hopefully it'll help to get his foster parents more active in the church. Right now we are trying to get the ward more involved in missionary work. We're not quite sure how to do it.  We're hoping we can get the ward on board for a 40 day fast because that would help out a ton! We really need to work better with our ward mission leader because we have hardly no contact or interaction with him except on Sundays. Honie is still being herself. She didn't come to church on Sunday. Elder Osborne doesn't think she trusts us that much so somehow we have to get her to trust us. We also have to get her to realize that the point of religion should be seeking out truth, truth that only our Father in Heaven can give us not just a talented pastor. She doesn't seem to recognize that. Tomorrow is that last day of the OTM. Wednesday the Shumways will leave and the Lovelands will be in charge. Some members showed us an article that they read in some LDS publication that was about President Loveland. Apparently he runs a 5,000 acre farm and is leaving it all in the hands of his daughter, who is like 26, and his son who just barely returned from his mission like a month ago. That's a lot of responsibility for those guys. Oh really nothing else happened this week.
Elder Naegle

Monday, June 22, 2015

I saw a beaver...

So this morning while I was studying in the basement where we live, I looked over the the big, sliding glass doors that we use for an entry way, and there was a beaver just chilling right outside on the back porch. At least I think it was a beaver, I couldn't see his tail very well. I reached down to grab my camera and he darted, so I have no proof. Well it was transfer week so not that much happened. Most people were very surprised that Elder Chapman was leaving. A lot of people don't even know that he left and there's still people that pronounce my name wrong. My new companion is Elder Osborne. He's from Las Vegas and he knows a lot about computers. He's really quite and kinda socially awkward. He likes to sleep-in in the mornings so that's gonna be a struggle. I think I can get him to lift with me though. Either that or the ladies at the gym will let him just sit and chill while I workout by myself, which is what we did this morning. I think this transfer will be good though. 
The only investigator we saw this week was Honie. Elder Osborne and I went over and taught her a lesson and I don't really remember what our lesson was on but she told us that she's just taking it at her own pace and that she thinks we put too much emphasis on Joseph Smith because we sang Joseph Smith's first Prayer in Sacrament meeting and so she thinks that we worship Joseph Smith. We tried to clear up her misconceptions and kinda succeeded. We had stake conference on Saturday and Sunday and those were really good. The Saturday night session was all about ward councils. And I thought it was good because we don't get invited to ward councils very often. Then they did a mock ward council and had the Ava ward council come up. And we just stayed in the audience because we never go and then the Bishop asked us to come up so we went up and just sat there the whole time and it was kinda awkward. President and Sister Shumway also surprised everyone and showed up to both sessions. It was really neat. Then the St. Louis temple pres and his wife showed up to both sessions. The temple pres totally slammed wards that don't invite their missionaries to ward council and so I'm thinking that we'll get invited to ward council a lot more often. 
I also had a priest who's a convert of about 2 years ask me to ordain him as an Elder so that was pretty neat. I did that on Sunday right after stake conference so Dad you gotta get me my Priesthood lineage line deal so I can get it to him. He's also going on a mission soon so he'll need to be going to the temple soon to get his endowments and we're hoping we can go with him because he's a recent convert.
 I just talked to the family history lady here and she said that it was probably a groundhog that I saw just to let ya'll know. We probably won't ever get to see the Shumways again because they leave in 8 days :'( but it was nice because we got to give them each one last hug. We're also not allowed to be in contact with them once they go home. 
Something crazy that happened this week though was on transfer day. We've been having a lot of problems with our tires. Actually last Monday we were driving home from dinner and our driver's front tire went flat while we were driving. Luckily we were right by a member's house so we stopped in front of their house and it's where Darien lives so he actually came out and helped us put on the spare. So on transfer day we drove our own truck to transfer point so that we could stop in Springfield on the way back to go to the Nissan dealership to get our truck fixed. We dropped it off and they said they'd be done in like 2 hours so we went with the Springfield 1st Elders and went and got lunch. Then like 2 1/2 hours later we get a call from the dealership saying that they had to keep the truck over night. So we had a sleepover in Springfield. It was dope. Then we got our truck and apparently our vehicle coordinator ordered a bunch of things to be done on the truck because it was pretty messed up. We got Rugged Trail tires and they are pretty sweet. We now officially have the nicest vehicle in the mission, perhaps even the world. Elder Betts dropped $1,100 on the truck though and he kinda chastised me and asked if my driving privileges needed to be revoked but we were able to figure it out because it was my first companion here that messed up the truck. Well sorry for the long letter, I hope you all have a good week.
Elder Naegle

            We actually got to ride in the like 2 weeks ago. It's a replica of the car off of gone in 60 seconds.

This is what the rain did to our road, and by the way the road flooded again and we tried to drive through it but we got scared and so we didn't

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

them deer tho

So we got transfer calls on Saturday and Elder Chapman is getting transferred and I'm staying in Ava.  Oh well. Nothing else really happened this week that I can think of. A dude in our ward got married and it was weird because he was actually disfellowshipped earlier for doing something but he ended up getting married to the person that was offended...

Wow, I'm trying really hard to think of things that happened this past week but my mind is continually blank.  Honie came to church again and we think she's starting to get to know people in the ward and start to bond with them. Hopefully she'll go to the family home evening tonight even though we won't be there. And also hopefully she'll go to the relief society thing that's on Tuesday night even though we won't be there either. I think that the key will be her being befriended by the members. So we've got a bunch of new investigators that we've found over the last couple of weeks but we haven't been able to contact any of them and it's been super frustrating. The goal for last week was for everybody to hit the standard of excellence and Elder Chapman and I worked hard the whole week and our numbers really stunk. We did have 10 investigators at church though, but we're only teaching two of them so I feel like it doesn't count. We still haven't met with Zach. We met with Darien yesterday and it went alright. I think he's doing better and he like wants to go to church and everything. He even said when he turns 18 and he moves to his sister's house in Minnesota, he's gonna look up the Mormon church and try to go there. So, we're gonna hopefully get him baptized soon, we're gonna aim for the 4th of July but we haven't told him that yet so we're gonna try and set the date with him this week. He still gets distracted all the time though... 

We helped chop wood for a member in our ward, on Saturday. We got to run a log splitter and it was pretty dope. It was a lot of hard work though. We moved some really heavy things of wood. We almost hit two deer this last week, like really really close, like within a few feet of hitting them. I don't think I killed anything this week. Because of the humidity, I always feel sticky. We'll probably be moving out of our members house and into town pretty soon. We went and got our tire patched on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday we heard a different tire leaking, so we went back to the shop and got that one patched. Right now the tire pressure light keeps coming on but it goes off when we fill this one tire up with air so we're just chilling with that right now. That's really all that happened this week. Elder Cluff is going to be my zone leader now so that will be fun. 
Elder Naegle

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kewl Beans

So this week was pretty good. Honie finally came to church so that was really good. She seemed to enjoy it and she stayed the whole time, even in Relief Society by herself. The importance of the gospel and the difference between our Church and others, seems to be sinking in. We've talked about baptism a couple of times with her and she seems to be pretty open to it. Whenever we ask her what she feels she always tells us she doesn't have an opinion though which is not ideal. I'm also worried that now that she has come to church it will be harder to get her to come a second time. But one of our members invited her to a family home evening that a bunch of the older folks in the ward attend every Monday, which also happens to be our dinner, so we're hoping that she'll come to that and really get fellowshipped by the members because we're really all she has at this point in time. we met with Darien once and it was an alright lesson. Gabe came with us and he bore his testimony to him and then I kinda bore my testimony so it ended on a good note. Zach was busy all week but we got word from one of his friends who came on exchanges with us yesterday that Zach really enjoyed the stake zone conference that he came to last Sunday. In fact he was on his phone but then whatever the speaker was saying caught his attention and then he didn't look at his phone for the whole rest of the time. So I think that we'll be able to see him on Sunday so that will be really good. We got some new investigators, one is a really promising one but she might be moving away this week so there's that. Then we found another one who I think has some promise. Then we got two potentials yesterday, one of them I think that he let us set up a return appointment just so he could get back to playing his playstation but the other is a son of a member who hasn't been baptized so that will be good. Zone conference was really good. Learned some really interesting things about the Bible and the Trinity. Then President and Sister Shumway gave everybody hugs, so I got to hug Sister Shumway for the first time. Then I got a picture with them. Then Elder Dye came to Ava and pretty much all we did that day was watch Elder Perry's funeral. It helped me learn the importance of planning. So I think that was everything interesting that happened this week, except for the fact that I ran over a turtle, so my kill streak continues. And I killed a bunch of wasps this morning. Transfer calls are this Saturday. It's nuts I've already been in Ava for three months.
Elder Naegle

Monday, June 1, 2015

Flooded spiders and big streets I mean flooded streets and big spiders

So not really much happened this week. Don't get me wrong it was a good week, but not really much happened. The mission goal was to get 100% member present lessons and we did so that was really good. We met with Honie with a couple named the Michaels and it was really good. We asked her about her opinion on everything and she kept saying that she didn't have an opinion then we started talking about truth and how there can only be one church with complete truth and that's the church that is led by Christ. Then Bro. Michael bore his testimony and then I bore my testimony and we said a closing prayer and when we said goodbye she was really solemn and not her usual talkative self so she was totally feeling the Spirit. Then later Bro and Sis Michael told us that we did a great job teaching her and that was nice of them to say that. We didn't see Darien or Zach at all this week, but we had a stake/zone conference yesterday and Zach came so that was really good. He's got state baseball pretty much all week and then on Sunday he'll be with his dad so it will probably be a while before we see him again. We had a zone conference yesterday with the stake and it was really good. We also have a zone conference on Thursday and it's gonna be the last zone conference with President and Sister Shumway so there will be a lot of tears shed. We met with and tried to meet with a bunch of less actives this week, so that's where most of our lessons were going to. One day we were with our ward mission leader and we went to like 4 people's houses and none of them were home, it was so frustrating. One day we stopped by Darien's house and he wasn't home and it was that awkward time where it's almost time to go home but you're not supposed to go home yet so we just went home and cleaned a little bit and watched the Church's Bible videos. Then we found an absolutely massive spider on the chair that Elder Chapman was sitting on just minutes before. So we devised a way to kill it. The only way we could think of was using a hot iron. So I knocked it off the chair with a broom and proceeded to get it to go in the direction of Elder Chapman and the waiting iron. Then it started running/jumping towards Elder Chapman and he dropped the iron on it and it killed it. It was one of the scariest things I have ever done. During that whole time it was raining like crazy and there were tornado warnings and everything. So the next morning the creek that runs alongside the road we use to get out had risen like 3-5 feet and the road was flooded so we had to use the back way out. I will send pictures.
Elder Naegle
 here is a picture of Elder Chapman and Darien I found on his camera

 here is the spider we killed, we got it taxidermied and now it's hanging on our wall
This is a pretty nice view, and if you look behind us you can see a nice view as well

This is our new mission vehicle, I'm not quite sure how well it will fare on dirt roads tho...