Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kewl Beans

So this week was pretty good. Honie finally came to church so that was really good. She seemed to enjoy it and she stayed the whole time, even in Relief Society by herself. The importance of the gospel and the difference between our Church and others, seems to be sinking in. We've talked about baptism a couple of times with her and she seems to be pretty open to it. Whenever we ask her what she feels she always tells us she doesn't have an opinion though which is not ideal. I'm also worried that now that she has come to church it will be harder to get her to come a second time. But one of our members invited her to a family home evening that a bunch of the older folks in the ward attend every Monday, which also happens to be our dinner, so we're hoping that she'll come to that and really get fellowshipped by the members because we're really all she has at this point in time. we met with Darien once and it was an alright lesson. Gabe came with us and he bore his testimony to him and then I kinda bore my testimony so it ended on a good note. Zach was busy all week but we got word from one of his friends who came on exchanges with us yesterday that Zach really enjoyed the stake zone conference that he came to last Sunday. In fact he was on his phone but then whatever the speaker was saying caught his attention and then he didn't look at his phone for the whole rest of the time. So I think that we'll be able to see him on Sunday so that will be really good. We got some new investigators, one is a really promising one but she might be moving away this week so there's that. Then we found another one who I think has some promise. Then we got two potentials yesterday, one of them I think that he let us set up a return appointment just so he could get back to playing his playstation but the other is a son of a member who hasn't been baptized so that will be good. Zone conference was really good. Learned some really interesting things about the Bible and the Trinity. Then President and Sister Shumway gave everybody hugs, so I got to hug Sister Shumway for the first time. Then I got a picture with them. Then Elder Dye came to Ava and pretty much all we did that day was watch Elder Perry's funeral. It helped me learn the importance of planning. So I think that was everything interesting that happened this week, except for the fact that I ran over a turtle, so my kill streak continues. And I killed a bunch of wasps this morning. Transfer calls are this Saturday. It's nuts I've already been in Ava for three months.
Elder Naegle

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