Monday, June 29, 2015

Baptismal dates tho'

This last week  started off well with us setting a date for Darien to be baptized. I'm not quite sure how ready he is but I think that once he gets baptized it'll motivate him to learn more and to come to church and church activities more. He seems pretty excited. Hopefully it'll help to get his foster parents more active in the church. Right now we are trying to get the ward more involved in missionary work. We're not quite sure how to do it.  We're hoping we can get the ward on board for a 40 day fast because that would help out a ton! We really need to work better with our ward mission leader because we have hardly no contact or interaction with him except on Sundays. Honie is still being herself. She didn't come to church on Sunday. Elder Osborne doesn't think she trusts us that much so somehow we have to get her to trust us. We also have to get her to realize that the point of religion should be seeking out truth, truth that only our Father in Heaven can give us not just a talented pastor. She doesn't seem to recognize that. Tomorrow is that last day of the OTM. Wednesday the Shumways will leave and the Lovelands will be in charge. Some members showed us an article that they read in some LDS publication that was about President Loveland. Apparently he runs a 5,000 acre farm and is leaving it all in the hands of his daughter, who is like 26, and his son who just barely returned from his mission like a month ago. That's a lot of responsibility for those guys. Oh really nothing else happened this week.
Elder Naegle

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