Monday, March 14, 2016

Director of Proselyting

So nothing too exciting happened this last week. But Zach is finally on date again, so that will be good to finally get him baptized. We're shooting for the 2 of April. We're pretty sure he can answer all the baptismal interview questions already so he should be fine by then. It will be interesting having a baptism in the middle of general conference... Also Kimberly and Katherine will be getting baptized this Saturday. If they can pass the interview... We went over it with them yesterday and they didn't remember as much as I was hoping they would but I think it will be ok because they've been having a ton of crazy stuff happen since they committed to be baptized so if the devil's trying to stop them then it must be good right? Also on Thursday we had MLC, and you might be wondering to yourself, Elder Naegle, you're not a zone leader anymore why did you go to MLC, well I'm not but they invited all the district leaders in the mission to come so I got to go. We had a guy by the name of Bro Hemingway come and instruct us. He is the Director of Proselyting, or something along those lines, for the entire church. He is a genius and he taught us some neat stuff. Basically he showed us how we were not using Preach My Gospel to it's fullest capacity. It blew my mind. We also had stake conference which was really good. President Loveland spoke in the Saturday night session and he totally called out all the parents and told them they should make sure their kids aren't looking at pornography it was funny. Actually, that's pretty sad when you think about it.... Anyways I think that's it other than we have zone conference on Friday and hopefully it's all about what we learned at MLC because I've kinda forgotten some of the stuff and you can only record so much in your notes.
Elder Naegle

This last week was pretty slow so there's not that much to talk about. But, we did set some baptismal dates with these two young girls. Their mom is a returning member and they are 10 and 11, I think. So I'm actually excited about that because they are excited about it and one of them takes her Book of Mormon to school and shows it to her friends and stuff so they're both pretty excited. Then on Sunday a member brought her niece and her niece's husband who are looking for a church and they had some questions about the church and I think they enjoyed the services, even though we had some strange testimonies, there wasn't anything that bad. So hopefully we will be able to sit down with them tonight and teach them a lesson, we have dinner with the members who brought them so they're trying to have them over for dinner as well. So that's about it really, we have stake conference coming up this weekend so that will be really good. Then we have general conference not too long after. And then suitcoat season is over and I'm officially done with suitcoats, except for church and meetings. So yeah that's about it.
Elder Naegle

Monday, March 7, 2016

Life is better when you know the truth.

The subject of this email is a quote from Tanner, our recent convert. The branch presidency had him get up and give a little testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday and he did an great job. He is so stellar. His younger brother is going to be baptized not this Saturday but next Saturday so that's fun. Their family is doing so well, especially for being inactive for over 10 years. Another cool thing that happened was that we had a non-member couple just randomly show up to sacrament meeting in Pea Ridge. They said they liked it and that they'll probably be back next week. They will most likely live in the Metfield area or even Sugar Creek but we cover Metfield and if they live in Sugar Creek's area we're going to teach them anyways because there's no reason for them to drive past our building to get to the Bentonville stake center. Um, the only other cool thing that happened was that Elder Sosa and I got a gym membership today and so now we can work out every Monday. Other than that things are going great!
Elder Naegle