Monday, March 14, 2016

This last week was pretty slow so there's not that much to talk about. But, we did set some baptismal dates with these two young girls. Their mom is a returning member and they are 10 and 11, I think. So I'm actually excited about that because they are excited about it and one of them takes her Book of Mormon to school and shows it to her friends and stuff so they're both pretty excited. Then on Sunday a member brought her niece and her niece's husband who are looking for a church and they had some questions about the church and I think they enjoyed the services, even though we had some strange testimonies, there wasn't anything that bad. So hopefully we will be able to sit down with them tonight and teach them a lesson, we have dinner with the members who brought them so they're trying to have them over for dinner as well. So that's about it really, we have stake conference coming up this weekend so that will be really good. Then we have general conference not too long after. And then suitcoat season is over and I'm officially done with suitcoats, except for church and meetings. So yeah that's about it.
Elder Naegle

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