Monday, March 7, 2016

Life is better when you know the truth.

The subject of this email is a quote from Tanner, our recent convert. The branch presidency had him get up and give a little testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday and he did an great job. He is so stellar. His younger brother is going to be baptized not this Saturday but next Saturday so that's fun. Their family is doing so well, especially for being inactive for over 10 years. Another cool thing that happened was that we had a non-member couple just randomly show up to sacrament meeting in Pea Ridge. They said they liked it and that they'll probably be back next week. They will most likely live in the Metfield area or even Sugar Creek but we cover Metfield and if they live in Sugar Creek's area we're going to teach them anyways because there's no reason for them to drive past our building to get to the Bentonville stake center. Um, the only other cool thing that happened was that Elder Sosa and I got a gym membership today and so now we can work out every Monday. Other than that things are going great!
Elder Naegle

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