Tuesday, March 24, 2015


So nothing really happened at all this last week. I'm pretty sure our lessons were under 10. Pretty pathetic I know. But we got transfer calls on Saturday and of course my companion is going home (thank goodness) and I am getting transferred to Ava Missouri. I'm going to be replacing my MTC companion who has been there since we came out. My new companion is going to be an Elder Ewart who is from Delta Utah and he's a wrestler. He also really likes to lift weights and from what my MTC companion tells me, he is a hard worker. So I am very excited. A lot of people in our ward think that it's dumb that we are getting shotgunned out (apparently it happens a lot in that ward) but I know the reason why, it's because my companion and I ran the area into the ground. We literally had no progressing investigators and we weren't doing anything to find new ones. The new missionaries will hopefully turn the area around. There's so much potential there it's sickening. I felt so embarrassed every time people were telling us we were great missionaries and when they were thanking us for serving there. Just two days left thankfully. I'm so grateful that I'm getting transferred. This last transfer has definitely been the most trying for me.
Well there's really nothing else to say. Just pray that we find a ride to transfer point on Thursday.
Elder Naegle

March 16th

Well same as last week. Nothing has really happened at all. Zone conference was really good except I couldn't stay awake during President's final talk which made me so mad because those are always so good. Went to a baptism with Bro Gossett and he said it answered some questions for him. The only thing holding him back right now is smoking so we're gonna do the stop smoking workshop with him. He came to sacrament meeting again yesterday. I hit my six month mark the other day. Time flies when you're having fun... Basically right now I'm just waiting for my companion to go home so I can get a new one.
Elder Naegle

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Price of discipleship

Well this week was pretty lame and nothing really happened until Wednesday. Pretty much Springfield has not been all that great since I got here. So on Wednesday the zone leaders came to district meeting and had interviews with everyone. They asked how I was doing and I promptly told them that I was not doing all that great and so we had a discussion about me and my companion and obedience and the Spirit and what I could do. Basically there are a lot of things that we've been doing that are things we shouldn't be doing. Mostly just trivial things, nothing serious. For example there's this less active from the YSA who basically hangs out with us all day on Monday because he gives us rides places. He usually hangs out in our apartment and in all the other Elders' apartments. The zone leaders informed me that that is not ok. My companion has been out for 23 months and he didn't know that. Also getting up on time. My companion has not gotten up on time since I got here I think. Unfortunately I have given in and followed suit more often than I should have. So this last week I have been trying really hard to be more obedient and it's a struggle because I really do not feel like my companion supports me in this cause. I have brought up to him more than once about not having this less active in our apartment and he won't disagree with me but he doesn't agree with me. I have struggled a lot with anger towards my companion which is not ok. I even cleaned up the apartment while my companion was taking a nap during companionship study time because the zone leaders told me that they didn't feel the spirit in our apartment when they dropped by a couple of weeks ago. So I have started to feel a lot better since I've started actively trying to do what's right. We even wore proselyting clothes today because I decided to put them on and my companion followed suit.

In other news, we finally had a lesson with Bro Gossett. He is really sincere and he really wants to get baptized. He has some issues like smoking but that shouldn't be a problem. He feels like he's the worst sinner in the world. He came to sacrament meeting though and he shaved his scraggly beard! He made the comment that the church didn't burn down so that shows what he thinks of himself but I'm hoping it also means that he thinks that he's getting better so yeah. He's awesome. None of our other investigators are progressing that well. It's spring break this week so a lot of people are going to be gone. 

Sorry about the depressing stuff, it will all work out. It's good to have trials because that means that the Lord thinks you're worthy of them and he's improving you. It was interesting, we have the First Presidency and the Quorum of the 12 on our wall and on the back of the pictures it gives a brief synopsis of the person's life. They are all very amazing and they all have very impressive resumes you could say. It's neat how they gave up all of it to serve the Lord full time, especially because I'm very positive they have all made a LOT of money in their lives. It's cool because all of that is a reflection of who they are and all their hard work. So everybody work hard! Work is something we should actively seek out because those who avoid work are usually pretty big losers, and nobody wants to be a loser. 

That's all that I've got for this week, but we did hear a tornado alarm, it was just a testing though. There's a lady with a mustache at a gas station we frequent. For the first time in my life I was offered a cigarette. There's a sister in my district who was roommates with Allie Borzoni. There's also a lady in my ward whose nephew is Tyler Brown so it's a pretty small world. Zone conference is on Friday and I'm super excited. It will be nice because we'll only have to drive like 20 minutes to the Springfield stake center instead of 4 hours.
Elder Naegle

Monday, March 2, 2015

Moving Slowly

This week was super boring and nothing really happened. My companion and I have been moving super slowly and we probably haven't been that diligent in working. But we are committed to work hard and do better this week.
Nothing really happened this week. It snowed again and like 3 of the 5 wards that meet in our building cancelled church on Sunday and we only had sacrament meeting. It's funny because all the roads were plowed and all the ice was melted so I don't really know why they cancelled church. 
One cool thing that happened was that we got a call from the mission office and there was a guy who was in a really bad car accident and he broke his neck and he was going into surgery on Thursday. So his sister-in-law is a member in Arizona and she called the mission office and they called us and we went over and gave him a blessing. So maybe when he gets better he'll start taking the lessons. Speaking of hospitals there are two HUGE hospitals here like 20 minutes away from each other. I don't really remember ever seeing hospitals this big let alone 20 minutes away from each other, in Utah so that's a new experience for me. People here must just need a lot of help health-wise. 
We got some media referrals both wanting a bible. On one of them the name was Tinder Fagwarrior, so we're pretty sure that's a hoax or something. We went over once and nobody answered so we'll probably go over some other day and see what's up. The other guy was actually there and he was a total loser. Elder Woodbrey asked him what religion he was and he said Christian, which is dumb because I'm pretty sure Christianity is more of a belief than a religion. He didn't want to learn more about the Book of Mormon or anything and I'm pretty sure he was high when he requested a Bible because he kept thinking (out loud) that he put in his other address (he's living with his girlfriend). 
In other news: One night a bunch of firetrucks and ambulances came to right outside our apartment complex and when I went outside they were all gone and it smelled like something was burning. We saw a house on fire today on the way to lunch. Every time we go by Krispy Kreme and the light is on we stop and get a free doughnut. This morning I bought a box of a dozen and it was a bad idea. I also broke a shoe lace. 
Well this is probably the lamest email I've ever written but I hope you all have a good week, I will try to not slip on the (non-existent) ice that everybody in Springfield is afraid of. 
Love, Elder Naegle