Tuesday, March 24, 2015


So nothing really happened at all this last week. I'm pretty sure our lessons were under 10. Pretty pathetic I know. But we got transfer calls on Saturday and of course my companion is going home (thank goodness) and I am getting transferred to Ava Missouri. I'm going to be replacing my MTC companion who has been there since we came out. My new companion is going to be an Elder Ewart who is from Delta Utah and he's a wrestler. He also really likes to lift weights and from what my MTC companion tells me, he is a hard worker. So I am very excited. A lot of people in our ward think that it's dumb that we are getting shotgunned out (apparently it happens a lot in that ward) but I know the reason why, it's because my companion and I ran the area into the ground. We literally had no progressing investigators and we weren't doing anything to find new ones. The new missionaries will hopefully turn the area around. There's so much potential there it's sickening. I felt so embarrassed every time people were telling us we were great missionaries and when they were thanking us for serving there. Just two days left thankfully. I'm so grateful that I'm getting transferred. This last transfer has definitely been the most trying for me.
Well there's really nothing else to say. Just pray that we find a ride to transfer point on Thursday.
Elder Naegle

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