Monday, June 22, 2015

I saw a beaver...

So this morning while I was studying in the basement where we live, I looked over the the big, sliding glass doors that we use for an entry way, and there was a beaver just chilling right outside on the back porch. At least I think it was a beaver, I couldn't see his tail very well. I reached down to grab my camera and he darted, so I have no proof. Well it was transfer week so not that much happened. Most people were very surprised that Elder Chapman was leaving. A lot of people don't even know that he left and there's still people that pronounce my name wrong. My new companion is Elder Osborne. He's from Las Vegas and he knows a lot about computers. He's really quite and kinda socially awkward. He likes to sleep-in in the mornings so that's gonna be a struggle. I think I can get him to lift with me though. Either that or the ladies at the gym will let him just sit and chill while I workout by myself, which is what we did this morning. I think this transfer will be good though. 
The only investigator we saw this week was Honie. Elder Osborne and I went over and taught her a lesson and I don't really remember what our lesson was on but she told us that she's just taking it at her own pace and that she thinks we put too much emphasis on Joseph Smith because we sang Joseph Smith's first Prayer in Sacrament meeting and so she thinks that we worship Joseph Smith. We tried to clear up her misconceptions and kinda succeeded. We had stake conference on Saturday and Sunday and those were really good. The Saturday night session was all about ward councils. And I thought it was good because we don't get invited to ward councils very often. Then they did a mock ward council and had the Ava ward council come up. And we just stayed in the audience because we never go and then the Bishop asked us to come up so we went up and just sat there the whole time and it was kinda awkward. President and Sister Shumway also surprised everyone and showed up to both sessions. It was really neat. Then the St. Louis temple pres and his wife showed up to both sessions. The temple pres totally slammed wards that don't invite their missionaries to ward council and so I'm thinking that we'll get invited to ward council a lot more often. 
I also had a priest who's a convert of about 2 years ask me to ordain him as an Elder so that was pretty neat. I did that on Sunday right after stake conference so Dad you gotta get me my Priesthood lineage line deal so I can get it to him. He's also going on a mission soon so he'll need to be going to the temple soon to get his endowments and we're hoping we can go with him because he's a recent convert.
 I just talked to the family history lady here and she said that it was probably a groundhog that I saw just to let ya'll know. We probably won't ever get to see the Shumways again because they leave in 8 days :'( but it was nice because we got to give them each one last hug. We're also not allowed to be in contact with them once they go home. 
Something crazy that happened this week though was on transfer day. We've been having a lot of problems with our tires. Actually last Monday we were driving home from dinner and our driver's front tire went flat while we were driving. Luckily we were right by a member's house so we stopped in front of their house and it's where Darien lives so he actually came out and helped us put on the spare. So on transfer day we drove our own truck to transfer point so that we could stop in Springfield on the way back to go to the Nissan dealership to get our truck fixed. We dropped it off and they said they'd be done in like 2 hours so we went with the Springfield 1st Elders and went and got lunch. Then like 2 1/2 hours later we get a call from the dealership saying that they had to keep the truck over night. So we had a sleepover in Springfield. It was dope. Then we got our truck and apparently our vehicle coordinator ordered a bunch of things to be done on the truck because it was pretty messed up. We got Rugged Trail tires and they are pretty sweet. We now officially have the nicest vehicle in the mission, perhaps even the world. Elder Betts dropped $1,100 on the truck though and he kinda chastised me and asked if my driving privileges needed to be revoked but we were able to figure it out because it was my first companion here that messed up the truck. Well sorry for the long letter, I hope you all have a good week.
Elder Naegle

            We actually got to ride in the like 2 weeks ago. It's a replica of the car off of gone in 60 seconds.

This is what the rain did to our road, and by the way the road flooded again and we tried to drive through it but we got scared and so we didn't

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