Tuesday, June 16, 2015

them deer tho

So we got transfer calls on Saturday and Elder Chapman is getting transferred and I'm staying in Ava.  Oh well. Nothing else really happened this week that I can think of. A dude in our ward got married and it was weird because he was actually disfellowshipped earlier for doing something but he ended up getting married to the person that was offended...

Wow, I'm trying really hard to think of things that happened this past week but my mind is continually blank.  Honie came to church again and we think she's starting to get to know people in the ward and start to bond with them. Hopefully she'll go to the family home evening tonight even though we won't be there. And also hopefully she'll go to the relief society thing that's on Tuesday night even though we won't be there either. I think that the key will be her being befriended by the members. So we've got a bunch of new investigators that we've found over the last couple of weeks but we haven't been able to contact any of them and it's been super frustrating. The goal for last week was for everybody to hit the standard of excellence and Elder Chapman and I worked hard the whole week and our numbers really stunk. We did have 10 investigators at church though, but we're only teaching two of them so I feel like it doesn't count. We still haven't met with Zach. We met with Darien yesterday and it went alright. I think he's doing better and he like wants to go to church and everything. He even said when he turns 18 and he moves to his sister's house in Minnesota, he's gonna look up the Mormon church and try to go there. So, we're gonna hopefully get him baptized soon, we're gonna aim for the 4th of July but we haven't told him that yet so we're gonna try and set the date with him this week. He still gets distracted all the time though... 

We helped chop wood for a member in our ward, on Saturday. We got to run a log splitter and it was pretty dope. It was a lot of hard work though. We moved some really heavy things of wood. We almost hit two deer this last week, like really really close, like within a few feet of hitting them. I don't think I killed anything this week. Because of the humidity, I always feel sticky. We'll probably be moving out of our members house and into town pretty soon. We went and got our tire patched on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday we heard a different tire leaking, so we went back to the shop and got that one patched. Right now the tire pressure light keeps coming on but it goes off when we fill this one tire up with air so we're just chilling with that right now. That's really all that happened this week. Elder Cluff is going to be my zone leader now so that will be fun. 
Elder Naegle

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