Monday, May 18, 2015

Party Rock in the Arkansas Bentonville Mission

So this week we worked hard and we didn't get a ton of lessons but we got a lot of good stuff done. For example one night, we were just chilling in the basement we live in and we got a call from a guy in our ward whose name is Bro Wilbur and he's the coolest person in the ward because he's only like 37 and he has a contract to build Buffalo Wild Wings like all over the country and that's only the tip of the iceberg. He has a really nice house, but I digress... anyways he's super missionary minded and the other day he called us and said that he got his neighbor, whose sons go to scouts and are interested in getting baptized, basically to take the lessons. So we got 3 new investigators and they're looking pretty solid.

Honie is doing good. She listens to the Book of Mormon on the gospel library app and she's gone all the way to 1 Nephi 17! So that's really good. I think she's starting to understand the gravity of what we're teaching her. I'm pretty sure she would come to church because we hound her about it every time we see her, but she takes her friend to church because her friend doesn't have a car. Her friend is also an inactive who we've tried to work with before and she's making me really angry because she is stopping the progression of our investigator! It'll all work out though. The Lord cannot be stopped.

We went and did service on Wednesday with the Sisters in Mt Grove and the Houston Elders because we didn't have a district meeting. We planted potatoes and that was pretty much it. Then we went to Pizza Hut and ate the buffet. I'm pretty sure the Sisters in our district think we're idiots because we all acted like it during the service project. When we're with other missionaries it's our only time where we don't have to be super serious so sometimes we overdo it. :/ Then we went on exchanges and I took Elder Skinner who is 26 and has only been out for like 6 days. It was fun. We went and taught a lesson to Darien and it went a whole lot better. Darien wasn't as distracted as he was the first time we taught him. We'll see where it goes. He still asks us to go fishing with him when we set up lessons with him...

Zach is doing great. He says he believes that everything is true but he doesn't feel ready to be baptized yet. So we told him to focus and pray and now we're gonna pray too and he is reading the Book of Mormon so it's all gonna turn out good.

The other day we were gonna go get gas and we pulled up to the gas station and we couldn't find our gas card. So we looked and looked and then went to our basement and looked in some pants pockets and then we still didn't find it. Luckily we said a prayer so we knew we'd find it. So we went to our last appointment of the night and ate dinner there and then we went home and Elder Chapman sat down in his chair and he thought he sat on something and it was... the button on the back of his slacks but then he started looking around on the chair he was sitting on and lo and behold he found the gas card! So that was a pretty cool story. 

On Sunday I was driving and we were going to church to eat some cereal for breakfast because all our food is at the church and there was a bird that flew right in front of the truck and I hit it. He died. I'm a killer...

Love all you!
Elder Naegle
When I drove our truck through a river

Zone training meeting with President

So I forgot to mention in my email that our mission just got a big change. As of July 1st the name of the mission will change from the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission to the Arkansas Bentonville Mission. It's not getting split or anything just the mission office and the mission home are moving to Bentonville. Our President has been trying to get this to happen for a long time. He also wanted it to be in Rogers so it could be ARM so we could call it the Lord's ARM but he's pretty sure that Elder Bednar made it so that it would be in Bentonville so that's probably what happened but it will be nice because the President and the APs will be more centralized in the mission. So kewl beans

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