Monday, February 8, 2016

Pretty Good Week

This last week was pretty good. We had two eternigators show up to church and one of them really enjoyed it. We also got two pretty solid referrals. We also met a lot of people who we've been trying to meet so things are setting up pretty solid for next week. Once while we were tracting we knocked on a door and this 20-something year old looking guy wearing a hoodie and a backwards hat and he had a goatee and a bunch of tattoos. We thought he was like a skater but it turns out, that he is actually a Lutheran Minister! He was really nice and he asked us about our beliefs and stuff and we had a really good discussion. Then he gave us his number and told us we could come back. He did a lot of searching in his life for which church to belong to and I guess he came up with the Lutheran church somehow. So we'll see. Tanner is still going strong to be baptized on the 13th so that's pretty exciting. We have a lesson Elder Nau taught me using a whiteboard that we're gonna start using on stubborn investigators. We're gonna be using it tomorrow so that will be fun. I've never really used it before so I'm curious to see how this lady will accept it. She believes that you can't add or subtract from the Bible so yeah... Also there's this really funny story. I will tell it in dialogue mode. We went to dinner one night and this is what happened:

*ding dong
member: hey Elders, how's it going?
me: it's going pretty good, how are you doing?
*shakes hand
member: your fly is down
me: oh dear
that's the end of the story. 
We also went to Crystal Bridges which is an art museum and it was pretty cool actually. There were some naked statues but I guess if you go to an art museum then you should probably expect that. The modern art was really dumb though but I really liked the old art. There were some really neat paintings of George Washington and some nice landscape pictures that I really liked. Then there was this little room that all it had in it was a typical fluorescent light with different colored light bulbs in it and that was it... Also last night there was an armadillo in our backyard and it went under our porch and I tried to poke it with a stick but the stick was too big to fit between the boards. Also apparently there's a panther that lives in the hills where we live. 
Elder Naegle

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