Monday, February 15, 2016

Mountain Biking

Man, this last week was super quick. We had some crazy things happen. Not really, but kinda. Anyways, we had zone training meeting and interviews with President. That was pretty sweet. Then we found some new investigators who live pretty out there. We had a referral for them but when we called them they said they didn't order anything so we asked them if they wanted a Bible and they said sure so we drove out there and gave them a Bible and then gave them a Book of Mormon so we'll be seeing them again this week. My companion almost offended one of our investigators by pushing him too hard for baptism. That was interesting. Then one day we decided to go mountain biking for our morning exercise because out here there's tons of trails everywhere. And there's one right behind our church which is not even a mile from our house. So we went biking on this trail and I totally ate it and now my hands and legs are kinda scratched up but not that badly. Then  we kept riding and my chain broke, so yeah. Then this morning Elder Fish was like 'let's go run that trail', and I was like 'nah bro' and he was like 'yeah bro' and so I was like 'fine'. So we went and ran it and it was actually pretty fun. I felt a little like George of the Jungle running through the trees and up and down hills and stuff. We're probably gonna be doing that a bunch more now. In other news, Tanner is getting baptized this Saturday! His younger brother Zach isn't gonna get baptized yet though, he's not quite ready, which is mostly our fault for teaching him the Restoration in a way that probably went over his head. Then last night, the Lovelands had a special dinner at their house for all the missionaries in the area and that was pretty fun. Then we got a text from a member telling us to come over to their house to teach their son's girlfriend a lesson and so we did, actually Elder Fish and one of our zone leaders did, we had to do emergency exchanges because we had a dinner that night and I felt bad cancelling on the members. Anyways they went over there and it went really well and she's a new investigator! Then last night our dinner for tonight, called us and was like 'hey, our son's friend wants to start coming to church with us so we invited her and her mom over for dinner so you can teach them' it was pretty solid. So things are going pretty good. We've got some pretty solid people to teach and some baptisms coming up and hopefully some more baptisms coming up so things are good. Also this Saturday we get to go to Tulsa and meet Elder Christofferson and he's gonna teach us the ways of the Lord. So that's pretty exciting.
Elder Naegle

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