Monday, February 8, 2016

Party in Pea Ridge

This last week was good. We had a lady refer herself to us from the internet. We dropped by and gave her the Book of Mormon she ordered. We haven't been able to have a real lesson with her yet because of extenuating circumstances. In fact three of our investigators have missed out on blessings because of extenuating circumstances. Two of our investigators didn't come to church, one of them because a work thing came up. Then the other was writing valentine cards with his grand-kids... which is a dumb reason to not come to church. We moved Tanner's baptism back to the 20th because his younger brother is going to get baptized to and his dad (who's been inactive for years) wants to baptize him. Hopefully his dad can work everything he needs to work out before then so we don't have to move the date back. Tanner is super solid, he loves church and he's been talking about serving a mission too! We're starting to teach two children who's mother just got custody of them and she re-activated like a year ago I think. So potentially we could have like 6 baptisms in Pea Ridge if every thing goes to plan. And we could have one in Metfield too so we'll see what happens. One thing that I have learned though, is that the Lord can do his own work, because all of these blessings that we've been receiving haven't come from our own labors. That's something I've been able to see on my mission, because there have been times when I have worked my rear off and we didn't get anything and there have been times where everybody we talk to just turns into an investigator. Really, the Lord could do all the missionary work by himself but because he is so merciful he lets us come along for the ride so that he can mold us and shape us and lift us up. I've also learned about how important it is to be humble, I feel like the majority of my mission, the Lord has been trying to teach me how to be humble, but I'm really stubborn and it has taken me a while to learn these things. I still have a long ways to go but hopefully I'll be able to get there. Things are just so much more uncomplicated and less contentious when you strive to be humble. Also family is so important. You see so many people who, because they have sought their own pleasures, are sad, they don't know they are sad, but when you are able to look at their situation you know that they're not as happy as they can be. So it has given me so much more of an appreciation for my family. Bitterness and hate only lead to sadness and loneliness. Just imagine, how much better the world would be if everybody in the whole world forgave those who had trespassed against them. Ether 12:4 I've had some trials on my mission that have really tested me, in fact I'm going through some of my hardest trials of my whole mission right now but it gives me hope to know that there is still good in the world and that there is a Savior who can take it all away and replace the bad with the good. Matthew 11:28-30. If this church isn't true, then there is no hope at all in the world. And that is something I have a testimony of.
I love you all and wish you all the best,
Elder Naegle

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