Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Missionary report

Hmm, I would say that the biggest thing I have learned on my mission is how to fake laugh. Just kidding (but seriously). One way I have seen myself change is when I look at the things of the world, they don't seem as appealing to me as they used to. I used to dream of being rich and having many fast expensive cars and a large mansion to dwell in but now, the most expensive car I will probably ever own is maybe a truck, only if I need a truck to haul things or else I'll just get a nice Hyundai Sonata like dad because they're cheap. I have learned a lot about the gospel, but the thing that astounds me the most is how simplistic the whole thing is. The more I learn, the simpler it becomes. It's not complicated at all. It's so simple that they can incorporate it into children's songs in primary. Cliff was really the only person I saw change, but there were two other people that I taught before their baptisms who made comments on the gospel about how simple the whole thing was and on how it all just made sense. It helps me remember how great the gospel is to me and how I need to see it how they see it and not forget. Cliff was always so grateful for the gospel and he would tell us all the time about how he was so happy and glad that we found him and taught him the gospel. I never got to go to the temple with him but I can imagine how he would act. The more I learn about the Savior the more tender and loving he becomes. His mission was an incredible one, to save fallen man from damnation. It truly is a wonder that he would descend so far for all of us. I have been able to feel the Atonement work in my life, not only to cleanse me from sin, but to help me do things that I was not able to do on my own. The Atonement has changed me in many ways, changes that I couldn't make by myself. There is nothing else in the world that would be able to replace the peace that can be felt when living the gospel. Not money, not fame not even power. I look at the world and I see pain and anger temporary highs. And then I imagine my family and the Savior and the church and it is far better a life than anything else the world has to offer. My testimony is that we have a Father in Heaven, His son did come to save us, and that throughout the ages they have called upon men to be prophets and revealers to mankind to save them from sadness. While I have come to this conclusion through extensive research, the true converter has been the peace and happiness that I have gained access to by living in harmony with the Restored gospel. 

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Could you take a few minutes and write me a paragraph or two telling me how you have grown on your mission and what you have learned about the gospel? What things were important to you before a mission and what things are important to you now?  How has it felt seeing someone (like Cliff) join the church and go to the temple? What have you learned about the Savior and his mission? 

Thanks. This will help me a lot with the following assignment. 
I love you

Dear Mothers of Missionaries,
Bishop Peterson has asked me to contact each of you. He would like each of you to be prepared to give a 5 to 7 minute report on your missionary daughter or son in an upcoming Sacrament meeting. These ought to include their physical health, experiences, the growth of their testimonies, as well as that of their investigators and the work in their areas.
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. This is something I look forward to hearing.

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