Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kinda Crazy

So this last week was kinda crazy. This email is going to be kinda sporadic. Cliff went to the temple on Saturday, but I was in my new area so I didn't get to go with him. :( It's alright though, I am just happy for him. He will probably be the best convert I will ever have on my mission. So I got transferred and it's been pretty crazy. We cover two areas so it's been very mentally exhausting trying to get everybody's name straight. We have a lot of meetings on Sundays and it's crazy. We did a fireside yesterday for a bunch of youth and it was pretty cool, it actually went really well for being winged. It snowed this morning. There are a lot of hills and it feels like I'm in Park City when we're in the hills. We live in the hills actually. We have a very nice church building. We live in a house that a member owns. There's a lot of fruit flies that live with us. We've been working on killing all of them. There was some food that we found on the counter covered in tin foil and it had been sitting there for like 4 months. It had a bunch of fruit flies and maggots all over it. A lot of the light fixtures don't work and a lot of the outlets don't work either. We do have two bathrooms though and a washer and dryer so I am super grateful to have those luxuries. Walmart, a good number of years back told all of their suppliers that if they wanted to keep doing business with them, then they would have to open an office within like 30 minutes of Walmart's headquarters or something like that. So everybody here either works for Walmart or one of Walmart's suppliers. We don't have too many investigators but we've got really great members to work with and we just barely got a new branch mission leader in one of our units who's gonna whip the members into shape. So I have a really good feeling about this next transfer. My new companion has only been out for 3 months. He's like really similar to Elder Cluff but a lot more social. I think we will get a long just great.
Elder Naegle

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