Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Northwest Arkansas for Dayzz

This last week was cool. We've gotten the house pretty much cleaned up. It looks ten times better than when we got here. The fruit fly problem is pretty much gone. I've only seen like 2 fruit flies the last couple of days. As for the work, there's a member family who their son's friend and daughter's boyfriend, decided to take the lessons. We have taught him the first two lessons already and we've set a baptismal date with him for the 13th of February. He's super solid. His parents are actually members but they're not active at all. It will be interesting seeing if they'll let him get baptized but we're confident that they will. This family has been such a good example and fellowshipper to him it's been awesome. They've done most of the work. Other than him, his name is Tanner, we've been doing a lot of member meeting. Since we are both new to the area, neither of us know any of the members, so we've just started dropping in on members and visiting with them. The Metfield branch is pretty small so we've actually almost met everybody on the whole roster who will talk to us. We've also got some other investigators that we've met. We haven't really been able to teach them yet but we have met them and we've been able to establish relationships with them so hopefully this week we can start the teaching process with them. On Tuesday, we actually had President Loveland call us and he and the housing coordinator wanted to come and look at our house for the slight possibility of moving another set of missionaries in there with us. Then President took us to lunch and it was really fun. He told us of some changes in the mission and some possible changes in every mission. Apparently the Church is actually looking into maybe switching out the iPads for Samgsung tablets because Apple is pretty controlling in how they do the iPads. Also, they asked me to give a talk on Sunday, just a 5-7 minute one so that was cool until we got to church that morning and who should roll up but President and Sister Loveland themselves. It was cool though I wasn't too worried but I was a little nervous for sure. Well that's about all that has happened this last week. Oh, Morgan Degooyer who I played football with and wrestled with is in my mission and he's serving like 5 minutes away from me, so we see him a couple times a week. Representing SoJo.
Love you all,
Elder Naegle

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