Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Redwood, Are Kansas

So we had transfers and I got to ride on the Bull (the big van that they use for transfers) from like 8:30 in the morning to 1:30 in the afternoon. I got to see all the transfer points and a bunch of missionaries including Elder Chapman and Elder Ham so it was a good day. My new comp is Elder Nau. He is Tongan and he's a stud. When we were driving to the area from transfer point, we were talking about our goals and stuff. We both want to be super obedient and hard working and to go to the gym in the morning. I am really happy that we're companions. This transfer is gonna rock. We've got a bunch of people that we're working with and I can't remember any of their names so you'll have to wait til next time to hear about the work. It sufficeth me to say that since Thursday we have been working hard. Actually this member from Fort Smith gave us a referral and now we've gotten a whole family of investigators and we've got an appointment with them on Wednesday. One of the boys seemed really interested. This member also took us out to eat at an all you can eat Chinese buffet and then he gave us another referral who we haven't been able to contact yet but he's talked to her and she's actually excited to meet with us. I have never had an investigator who has been excited to meet with us before. Darien just liked hanging with us not necessarily learning. Our apartment is sweet. In fact the TV show missionary cribs did an episode here once. We've got a big ol' front room with two couches (one of the couches is really nice), we've got a bedroom, a study room, two bathrooms (only one shower though) and a washer and dryer. In all honesty, the thing I was most excited for was the washer and dryer. My whole mission washing my clothes has been a struggle. There's a neat little gym literally right around the corner from our place, where the missionaries know somebody who works there (she would join the church except for her hardcore Baptist husband) and she gives the missionaries a discount: $15 for all six weeks! The gym's got everything we need and plus it includes tanning! We're gonna be the tannest missionaries out there! One last thing, Elder Nau and I decided to go on a month long fast where we refrain from talking about and thinking about a bunch of stuff that would distract us from the work. We wrote them all down on a piece of paper and then burned them, and got it on video. My paper wouldn't burn for some reason, I guess my habits are really hard to break or something. Well that's it for now, other than the fact that I got my first tick. By the time we're done with Greenwood, it's gonna be called Redwood because Elder Nau and I are gonna set it on fire! I will send pictures later today when we get to a place where they'll let us plug stuff into the computers. We're going to Fort Smith to hang with the Spanish Elders, to get free food from a place that gives free food to missionaries, to go to a museum and possibly to go bowling.
Love, Elder Naegle

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