Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Really nothing happened this week that was momentous. Yes, we taught lessons and yes we did missionary work but nothing extraordinary happened. Pretty much everybody is in the same spot they were in last week. Except for maybe this one lady who's less active and we got her a large print triple combination and committed her to read the Book of Mormon everyday and to work on getting a current temple recommend. She hasn't been reading it everyday but she has been reading it. Also she cleaned up her front room which is usually a nasty mess. Was it because she started reading the scriptures more often? I don't know, at this point in time I'm not ruling anything out. It's not like the scriptures don't have the power to change somebody's life because they do. Which is why we read them everyday. :) Well, Darien didn't come to church yesterday even though he promised me he would. Dakota is in Arkansas for 2 weeks. Spence is still in the same spot he was in last week. Elder Skinner came over for exchanges and we went tracting and found a family who we set a return appointment with but they weren't home for the appointment. We stopped by another night and they weren't there again... We got a referral from our zone leaders a couple weeks ago, they OTM'd some people in Springfield and the people happened to live in Ava. We've contacted them and talked to them but we haven't been able to set something up yet. They told us to call them on Tuesday, so tomorrow we'll call them and set something up. We also got a new referral this morning we'll have to hit that up. The ward had their pioneer day party on Saturday night. There wasn't as big of a showing as they thought so now we have literally, hundreds of hot dogs in our freezed (we'll it's the church's freezer but we're taking them anyway). The only other big news is that we got transfer calls. I have never been so stressed out about something in my entire life. Normally we get transfer calls at around 9 but they didn't get in til like 9:30. I was a nervous wreck. I wouldn't mind staying in Ava for another transfer, or even if I was training I wouldn't mind staying for two more transfers but I just couldn't stay with my companion for another transfer. He's not even that bad, I just am kinda sick of having to do all the work by myself. He's also so weird and he just gets on my nerves sometimes. I feel bad because he totally has low self-esteem. I just don't see him as an adult, he's not immature, just kinda childish. Anyways we got the call and I'm going to Greenwood, Arkansas. This will make me a 3-stater. One more to go... I am split training what appears to be a big ol' poly dude. I am also the district leader in the biggest district I've been in my whole mission. It's really scary. Actually I just looked an it's actually the biggest district in the mission. Ya'll better pray for me. The good news is that Elder Bednar is coming to Fort Smith in September. There's a very high chance that I will be there when he comes because I'm in the Fort Smith zone. I'm super worried about Ava though. I don't want to sound mean but I'm not that confident in my companion's ability to take over this area. I have grown to really love the members here and the majority of the people that I've worked with. I didn't realize how much I did until I started saying goodbye to everybody on Sunday. It's a good thing that I'll be able to come back and visit pretty easily. Well that's about all folks. My new address is 1120 c Farley Cir Greenwood, AR 72936. Also Elder Skinner is training and he just barely finished training, he's a legend.
Love, Elder Naegle
a member caught me sleepi... I mean praying

Sin kills Jesus Saves

Pastor parking, we should have missionary parking.

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