Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Making books and burning cheesecake, I mean burning books and making cheesecake...

So this week, we made a cheesecake but we were too cheap to buy real butter so we bought margarine and then the crust didn't work the way it was supposed to. It still tasted good though.

We actually had a pretty good week this week. We were able to work hard and get some good lessons. We've been trying to work with the ward a lot better so we've been actively seeking out assignments from like the Bishop and the Relief Society president. So they gave us assignments and we completed both of them this week and then we're going to go see a bunch of people that Bishop wants us to go see on this upcoming Thursday. Also I forgot to tell you guys this last week but one day we were in the church and the relief society presidency was having their presidency meeting and we were in the room with them for some reason and they told us about their book case that they have a whole bunch of church books in. So I wanted to look at the church books so they gave me the keys and I looked at the books and there was this one book that was called the Mormon Hierarchy and that piqued my interest so I flipped through it and read some of the stuff that was in it and the Spirit immediately left so I closed the book and told the relief society president about it. Then a week or two later they were having presidency meeting again and we were there again for some reason and they asked me to get the book for them and so the relief society president took it and gave it to her husband and he looked up the author and then he decided to burn the book because the author apparently was a pretty anti dude. I wanted them to wait til we had dinner with them so that we could watch but they did it that same day. So the big thing that was going to happen was that my companion was going to go home. He had some issues that he had to take care of or something, he never told me what they were but I was going to go to Houston and stay with those Elders. So it was really hard to do work because I didn't want to set up a bunch of appointments only to have to cancel them because we didn't know what day he was going to go home. But on Wednesday President called and he wanted my companion to go and have an interview with one of the counselors in the mission presidency. So we drove all the way to Springfield and we actually went to my old building when I was there so that was pretty nostalgic I guess. So they had the interview and now he's not going home so that's that. 
That's pretty much it. Darien is out of town so we won't be able to see him for a while. Dakota was at scout camp, so we didn't see him. Honie got really mad at us for not showing up to an appointment even though we didn't have an appointment set and we hadn't seen her for like two weeks and we never said we were coming over. All that happened was she told one of her friends that they couldn't hang out or something because she was meeting with us so when we didn't show she flipped and now we probably won't see any more of her... ever. Today we all went to west plains for a zone outing and we filled nylon socks with flour and then threw them at each other. It was really fun but it was really hot and humid so when you're covered in flour and sweaty, it makes pancake batter! Then we had a big ol' bag of flour left over and Elder Cluff let me dump it on him because he is going home in less than two weeks. We got it on video. Transfer calls are this Saturday, this transfer has gone by really quickly. This morning we helped out some members and picked a bunch of potatoes for them. Then they made us whole wheat blueberry pancakes for breakfast and it was delicious. I am so sick of white pancakes, it was really refreshing. The other day we had some time in the early morning so we called up a member and told him we were coming over to do service. So we went over there and mowed his lawn and pulled up a bunch of dead flowers. It was good. I'm really trying hard to get the ward to really trust us and want to work with us more so it's been good that we've been able to do all this service.We went and saw Spence again, and we took Bro Michael because he's really smart. We talked a lot about the Holy Ghost and how it tells us what is truth because he likes to look at things intellectually so we shared 1 cor 1 which talks a lot about that kinda stuff and he's been thinking about it so we'll see where it goes. After church yesterday, one of the elders quorum members, who's 19, came up to us and asked us if we could teach him all the lessons. He said he didn't really know that much about the gospel and he didn't have the testimony that he would like to have. I bet that took a lot of humility for him to do that and it makes me really proud of him. So that will be really fun teaching him. Wow this was a long letter...
Peace, love and muscles.
Elder Naegle
                                        This cow is called a brauma (I don't know if that's how it's spelled) They have a hump on their neck. And really bad breath. It's weird.

This is what Alma was talking about when he said he was in the gall of bitterness...

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