Monday, July 13, 2015

Arkansas Bentonville Mission

The new name of the mission is the Arkansas Bentonville Mission so there you go Grandma and yes I've been getting your emails and your letters.
So this week was just another normal week. The only thing that stood out was that Darien got baptized! It was really good and spiritual and I had a little talk with Darien about the good feeling that he was having and about the Holy Ghost and whatnot. There was also this other thing that happened that will probably be a big change for me but it's not gonna happen for a little bit. You'll all find out when it does happen. We got to meet President Loveland and Sister Loveland and that was really good. I went on exchanges with Elder Dye and that was really good as well. Elder Osborne got sick and so we didn't do anything like all day yesterday, well actually we watched Ephraim's Rescue and it was really good. So I've been taking vitamin C to not get sick from my companion. We also had a lesson, with this guy we found last week. He is very interested in history. He basically believes and agrees with everything we say but it's all for the intent of history. It's weird. He said he studied the Book of Mormon for 2 years trying to prove it false and he couldn't so we'll see where that goes. We're gonna take one of our members over there who is very learned this week and maybe hopefully he'll get baptized we'll see. Then there's a 13 year old named Dakota who we're teaching at the house of Bro Wilber (he's the one who builds Buffalo Wild Wings among other things for a living). They're the awesomest people and members of the church. He'll probably be baptized pretty soon. He believes everything that we teach him. So things are going pretty good.
Love, Elder Naegle

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