Monday, August 31, 2015

Quote, unquote "missionaries"

So we were tracting one day, and we knocked on this door. This old lady comes out, and this is what happened:

OL: oh no, you guys are wrong! You need to get yourselves a King James version of the Bible
Us: let's just have a faith discussion
You guys the seventh day Adventists?
Oh you're the ones that believe in only 144,000 being saved.
Not quite
oh you're the Mormons!
Well you're still wrong
How are we wrong?
Jimmy Swaggert wrote a book all about the Mormons and how they're wrong.
Who's Jimmy Swaggert?
You don't know who Jimmy Swaggert is?!?!
Is he like a televangelist guy?
Oh ok, well what does he say we're wrong about?
You can't be baptized for someone else!
Like baptisms for the dead?
Yes, once you're dead you're dead! That's it!
What about all the people who died and never knew Christ?
Well everybody will have a chance, but once you're dead that's it!
*raises eyebrow and thinks to self: how can everybody have a chance if once you're dead that's it, and some people die without knowing Christ*
(conversation progresses without much progress)
Well ma'am would it be alright if we said a prayer with you before we left?
No, we pray differently
Ok then you say the prayer
Dear Lord, please help these, quote, unquote missionaries, from being deceived by the Mormon Church, amen.

That's not exactly how it happened but ya'll get the gist. Other than that, not much happened besides zone training meeting/interviews with President Loveland which both went really well. We had a really spiritual lesson with one of our investigators but she wouldn't even pray and didn't come to church. We haven't seen the Whiteheads for like two weeks now because things keep happening and they keep cancelling appointments. We're just gonna wait for them so set something up. Make them chase the church not the other way around because we think she's still sorta interested. The weird dude, who's our neighbor who came to church last week thinks that our church is all about the last days/apocalypse. The only reason he thinks that is because two of the three talks on sunday were about emergency preparedness and food storage. Then he was wondering what a temple was so we gave him some pass along cards with temples on them. He wants us to go to a revival with him, that's gonna be going on here in the not-so-distant future and I really don't want to go.
Elder Naegle

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