Monday, August 10, 2015

Steve Collins

This week was alright. We were able to meet the rest of the Whitehead family, which is the family that we gave a blessing to their father and then taught the Restoration to the father and the two oldest boys. We got to meet the rest of the kids and the mom. The parents both had really good questions. They are real sincere and they are looking for a church with good family values. They're practically dry mormons other than the fact that the parents both smoke. Their children are very well behaved and they have their own form of family home evening! The mother seems more open to the gospel than the father is and she said she would read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. It was cool because the father was saying that they probably weren't gonna join our church but then the mom was like: 'well I haven't read the Book of Mormon yet so I have to read it first before I decide' and they we got into a big discussion on everything from Joseph Smith to priesthood, to temple sealings, to the keys of the priesthood. It was good though. We're really excited to see them tomorrow and we're hoping to start seeing them twice a week o get them on the fast track. They said that their kids were the really excited to see us again and they really really like us. Other than that we've been super tired this week and we think it's because we've been hitting the gym too hard so we decided to cut back on our gym time so that we're not exhausted by Thursday like we were last week.

One day, we came home from something and one of our neighbors started talking to us. He was nuts, but funny and we ended up talking to him for like two hours, it was a waste of time but a very interesting experience. He invited us in his house and talked about all sorts of stuff that he believed in and at times he got very emotional, even to the point of tears. It was weird. We tried to teach him some of the restoration and we gave him a Book of Mormon but I don't think he listened to anything we said. We then found him in the teaching records and it turns out that the Elders tracted into him about a year ago and the lesson they tried to have with him was the exact same thing that happened to us. Saturday we did service all day and scraped popcorn off ceilings and painted some of those ceilings and moved heavy boxes and a double-decker oven and scraped grout off of tile. We were very tired after all of that. We have a solid district. The spanish Elders in our district are so funny and we always have a good time when we spend time with them. Unfortunately President has said no exchanges this transfer so I won't be able to go on exchanges with them. We've also got cool zone leaders too.
Elder Naegle

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