Monday, February 2, 2015

Low week, high weather

So this week was probably the slowest week I've ever had on my mission. Our numbers were embarrassingly low. The weather was in the 60s and 70s though until about Sunday. So that was nice. Since we dropped Steve and Andie was out of town all week that really helped kill our numbers.

So Steve actually came to church again and we didn't even invite him or see him or talk to him at all last week. He brought a little angel statue and gave it to one of the Sykes's daughters. He still was checking out Sis Sykes all throughout Sacrament meeting. The gift really creeped out Sis Sykes and Pres Sykes went and looked at the sex offender list to see if Steve was on it, which thankfully he wasn't. During Sacrament meeting Steve was scratching his head and he scratched off a scab and it started bleeding. Steve has Hepatitis C and it is carried through blood... So after he went and shook the President's hand and his daughter's hand and after he gave his gift to their daughter I went up to President Sykes and told him the story of the scab and he was like 'Thank you for telling me' and immediately he took his daughter to go wash his and his daughter's hands. Oh poor, poor Steve. 

We had a really good meeting with President Sykes after church and we talked about a couple of things we are going to work on to get the missionaries and the branch to work together better and more unified. So I really hope we can get those plans to work. 

Andie got back on like Friday night. She didn't come to church but Sis. Crozier did and she told us that she was talking to Andie and Andie said that she was willing on working to quit marijuana! So I don't know what happened when she was in Springfield but basically the church is true and we are going to jump on that train as fast as we can! So I'm really happy about that. 

Not much else happened this week. Actually we had zone training meeting and it was really really good. We also had interviews with President Shumway and that was really good too. I talked to him a little bit about my companion and he basically just said that I just gotta be obedient myself because that's one thing that I can control. I'm praying that my companion's heart will be softened this week so that I can talk to him about being obedient and about having the spirit with us because those two things have been pretty absent this whole transfer. That's why nothing has been happening. 

In Joplin there's this billboard that is advertising a car dealership called Regal car sales, or something like that. The billboard is just a picture of a big black dude wearing a blue shirt and a yellow tie holding out his hands kinda pointing at nothing. I'm imitating it in the picture of me in the nursing home that I sent out today, if you want to know what it looks like. So me and my companion call it Regalling and we're gonna start taking pictures of us doing it everywhere. It's gonna be just like planking, only better. 

I love all of ya'll so much. The Church is true, always work on growing your testimony and your conversion. It's not one and done. It's a lifelong process. 

"Righteousness is more powerful than wickedness" - President Packer This is my new favorite quote :)
Elder Naegle

On a roof
In a tree
 This is me in an old folks home where some less actives live

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