Friday, February 20, 2015

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

I've been waiting to say I'm not in Kansas anymore since I knew that I was going to Kansas. I all did the last couple of days in Parsons was say goodbye to people. Andie told me she was really mad at me for leaving. Hopefully she gets baptized.  I'm now in Springfield Missouri. It's pretty cool. It's nice being in a city again. The work here seems to be a lot better than it was in Parsons. There were sisters in our ward for about a year and then last transfer my companion shotgunned the area and now I'm here. The sisters got a new apartment and so I'm the 3rd Elder to live in this apartment ever. It's nice but real small. My bed is a lot bigger than the one I had in Parsons and my feet don't hang off the end! It's also really comfortable too, it's like sleeping on a marshmallow. They just spoil sisters for some reason. There's also a squirrel that lives in the attic. It's name is ESPN. We're technically a biking area, but we just walk everywhere, mostly because my companion is going to be mailing his bike home soon because this is his last transfer. We easily walk over 10 miles a day. My legs hurt really bad the first couple of days. It stinks because it was really warm during the day and then it would get real cold once the sun set so it was really hard to dress for the day because it's not like we can just come back to our apartment and grab coats. Last night though it snowed a ton, so there's a lot of snow and what that means for us is that we will be asking a lot of people for rides all the time. It's dumb because our mission has the most cars out of any mission in the world and we have to walk... And the Church is trying to take our cars away! And they still haven't given us ipads. It's funny because on the Church's website it says that all North American missions and like Japan will all have ipads by early 2015 and we were promised them over a year ago. The Church is still true though. Fun fact: Springfield is the headquarters of the Assemblies of God church, which is one of the leading distributors of Anti-Mormon material. Kewl. The other day we were walking to the church building and we saw a mouse get run over by a car. It was nuts. They also have Mister Car washes here. If we had a car I would try to get a free car wash.

Well there's not much else to say. I feel like I'm the only cool Elder here who has a good balance on being not apostate and on being cool. Well my companion is pretty good but he's pretty weird. I like him though. I think I'll like him a lot more than my previous two companions. One Elder behind me was looking up Magic cards on Wikipedia a second ago haha. It's funny because everybody thinks that missionaries are such awesome people. Well I'm here to tell you that I have seen sooo many loser missionaries out here on my mission it's not even funny. So just because somebody's on a mission doesn't necessarily mean anything. Unless it's me ;)  Oh man it will be really good here in Springfield, we have a bigger teaching pool than I had in Parsons. The investigators seem really good. So that will be good. Also we're in a ward and there's a lot of awesome people in it. There's a big family, the McGees and it's like two brothers and their families and their kids' families and they make up like half the ward and they have us over for dinner every Sunday night and their loaded. 
Elder Naegle

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