Monday, February 9, 2015

Transfers and stuff

So this week was pretty slow. Again... Elder Colley got real sick on Friday and Saturday so we didn't do anything those days. It was soooooo boring. You'd think that it would be nice to have a day to y'know sit back and relax but missionary apartments are really boring. I just took naps throughout the whole two days.

I really started trying hard to have good study sessions in the morning. And you'd never guess, but I started having really good studies in the morning. 

We started teaching a former again. We don't know if he'll go anywhere but we thought we'd give it a shot anyway. While we were teaching him he got up and went to the bathroom. While he was in the bathroom Elder Colley told me that he saw a mouse come up from underneath my chair and then it went back underneath it. So that was nice. Then while I was teaching I saw the mouse out of the corner of my eye run underneath the couch that our former was sitting on. I paused, stopped myself from laughing and then continued on with the lesson. 

We were able to teach Andie again becuase she was back in town. It was pretty much just a review, recap lesson. Then she didn't come to church because she had homework I guess.

So we got transfer calls on Saturday. I am going to Springfield Missouri. My new companion is an Elder Woodbray. I've heard he's an interesting guy... It's a biking area so that will be good because I'm getting fat. Also the Bass Pro Shop Headquarters is in my area so I'll definitely be hitting that up. My new address is 2835 South Fort Apt 824 Springfield Missouri 65807. So now ya'll can send me letters and stuff ;)

Everybody keep up the good work!
Elder Naegle

p.s Elder Colley made 4.5 liters of mashed potatoes

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