Monday, February 23, 2015


So I usually write down all the things in my planner that I'm going to put in my email because I always forget. Well I left my planner in the apartment this morning...

So we got snow last Monday and it basically slowed everything down a lot. People here are deathly afraid of the snow and freezing rain etc etc. It's really not that hard to drive in the snow sheesh. We did a lot of walking in the snow this week. We walked on average 6ish miles a day in the snow because we go to this one apartment complex that's 3 miles away where we have a bunch of people we visit. It's really not that bad. The worst part is getting too hot while walking honestly because I layer up so much and then we start walking and then it starts getting really hot wearing a sweater and thermals. We tried visiting a bunch of people and most the time they were never home. It's really frustrating when that happens. We also have an investigator who has a baptismal date who we see every Wednesday cancel our appointment with him. Probably because of the snow. 
So we have some investigators named Piper and Anthony. They are both 19 and Piper is pregnant. They are not married but they have a wedding date. So we met with Piper once for a little bit and answered some questions she had and she seemed really interested. So we've been trying to meet with them for over a week and finally we caught both of them at home. We had a real good lesson with them and Anthony doesn't seem that interested but Piper does. We gave them both copies of the Book of Mormon. Hopefully we will be able to keep teaching them on a regular basis and get them to church. Anthony did however ask the million dollar question, how do we know that we have a prophet, so we showed the Moroni's promise and it was really good. I don't know if he'll test it out though...
We teach a couple named Carvel and I forgot his wife's name, but they seem to be real interested. They first met with the sisters and then they dropped the sisters because the sisters made them feel like a statistic. Yeah apparently the sister missionaries were generally disliked here. So they've been learning again and we're reteaching them the lessons and it's really good and stuff but the one lesson we had with them wasn't that spiritual so we'll see I guess. They do read the Book of Mormon though, well I guess they listen to it at work or something. They said they'd come to church but they didn't. :( 
There's this guy named Joe that stopped the sisters and wanted them to teach his children so we stopped by him the other day and he told us that he's totally chill with us coming over and teaching and stuff but he's not gonna lead us on because he has already found a church and him and his fiance have already paid the pastor to wed them. If only we would've stopped by earlier because our church does free weddings. Anyways he's basically a dry mormon and he's got a really cool story where he almost died but didn't so we know he's gonna get baptized. 
There's a member in our ward who has these people that work for him. Apparently the missionaries have stopped by his office a bunch of times and stuff and this family wanted to have the missionaries over for dinner. So they had us over for dinner last night and it was strange. They were very nice to us and said that they'd buy groceries for us and stuff and make us cupcakes and have us over for barbecues and all sorts of stuff. They don't really seem interested but they kept talking about how a bunch of stuff they believe is really similar to what we believe. So We're going to try to give them some Book of Mormons. They're pretty much dry Mormons too. 
One Wednesday night we were eating dinner with some members and we got a text asking me to speak in sacrament on Sunday for 15 minutes. So I got to speak in sacrament yesterday. It was fun.
Now for the unimportant things: Some members brought us a bunch of groceries randomly one day. We have like 7 jars of peanut butter in our apartment. I really need a haircut really badly again. I made a sandwich with some bread that seemed kinda stale, after I ate it I looked at the bag and the bread had expired on January 9. I've got a cold. Some members took us to Chuck E Cheese's for dinner for this other kid in our ward's birthday and I almost beat the high score on the basketball shooter thing. We didn't play any arcade games so we weren't being apostate, although you could say we gambled because we spent most of our coins on those machines that you could get a lot of tickets on but usually don't and the only time we really got any tickets out of it was when Elder Woodbrey bumped it and some coins fell of the thing. Then he bumped it again and it started making noises at us and saying 'warning' so I walked away. Elder Woodbrey and I combined our tickets and we got a whopping 14 tootsie rolls out of it. We cleaned our fridge out and I smelled the milk that expired on Jan 28 and it smelled really bad. This member bought me an AC/DC shirt and a really old Book of Mormon we found at a thrift store and a tie with monkey's on it. Elder Woodbrey got a box to mail his bike home and his bike doesn't fit. 
Elder Naegle

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