Thursday, January 22, 2015

December 15th...

Well this week was interesting. Monday we exchanged with Neosho again and since they were doing a zone activity called flourball, it's like some sort of game with flour and nylon stockings, and since it was probably the last time Elder Cluff would be able to attend it, we decided to exchange on Monday morning. So Elder Merryweather came here to Parsons with me and it was a blast. We had so much fun. Since we don't have a lot of miles to use we didn't exchange back until Wednesday when we had district meeting. So Elder Merryweather got to stay for two whole days. Tuesday we went ham with teaching lessons and we got one fourth of our lessons for the week  done that day. Then we went back to the apartment and took really funny pictures of us getting Naked. We also set off the smoke alarm not once, but twice; by cooking frozen pizzas.
We had an investigator come to church finally. We were finally able to teach Kristena again which was good and she finally came to church. So that was really good. Other than her nobody else is really progressing. Laura would totally get baptized but her mom is pretty anti so that's why she won't. We heard through the grapevine that the reason her mom doesn't like the Mormones is because she doesn't like a man named Richard Shouse. Richard Shouse is a convert to the church and apparently he was pretty wild before he converted but he's a stud. He is also the 2nd councilor in the branch presidency. So we'll have to see how this goes. Speaking of the branch presidency, the 1st councilor is the city's prosecutor. He is prosecuting a man named Joseph who stabbed someone. The missionaries met Joe a while before I got here but we met with him on Friday and he said he wants to start investigating again. So it will be interesting if he ever comes to church and sees the man who is trying to convict him conducting sacrament meeting.
We set two goals for getting 100% member present lessons and for achieving all 4 of the standards of excellence. We got 100% member present lessons and we achieved 3 of the standards of excellence. We just couldn't find 2 new investigators. Darn Parsonians, they just don't want to be happy I guess. However we found some good potentials though. Well they seemed like good potentials. Only the time will tell.
That's pretty much all the interesting stuff that happened this week. Some less interesting facts are these: I ran out of food this week forcing. It was really rough. I ended up eating a whole can of baked beans that I found in a cupboard for dinner the other night. I got to cut Elder Cluff's hair this morning. Well just in the back. I didn't do too good of a job... And the other night I was drinking hot chocolate and I just happened to have to cough. The problem was I had a lot of hot chocolate in my mouth at the time. Since I didn't want to waste the nectar of life, I ended up having a bunch of hot chocolate come out of my nose. It was pretty weird, but cool. I bet not many people have had hot chocolate come out of their noses. So I'm pretty much famous now.

Much Love,
Elder Naegle
Cool suit from the thrift store

Getting Naked in the kitchen

Getting Naked in the shower

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