Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 20th: MLK

So I'm emailing a day late because it was Martin Luther King Jr. day and the community college where we email (and get free printing) was closed. But it's open today so yay.
So we had a shock this week when Andie told us that she was going to be moving to someplace in Missouri by Springfield. Nixa is what it's called I think. Anyways we were pretty bummed because she had been doing so well. We were going to refer her to the missionaries there though. However, we got news later that week that she was actually staying. So that was real nice. We haven't been able to set up with her so it's been like a week since we've taught her. She didn't show up to church on Sunday and when we tried to set up for Sunday night with them (because we normally teach her on Sunday evenings) Sis. Crozier told us that she wasn't doing too well because she had a friend that passed away or something like that. So it's been way too long since we've taught her so we need to get on that.
Steve came to church though. He dressed up again so that was real good. We taught him earlier last week and he says he's been reading the Book of Mormon and he brought up the fact that he should probably quit smoking. So we started him on the Stop Smoking Workshop on Saturday and he said as soon as he gets paid he's going to get all the stuff. We have an appointment with him tonight so that should go well. It's going to be a long struggle with Steve because of all his misconceptions about religion and the fact that he probably doesn't even know we're trying to convert him haha. We'll stick it out though.
The craziest thing that happened this week was a certain less active member, John Mills, came to church. The last time he came to church was in 2009, and missionaries have been seeing him for forever. It even says on his teaching record that he says he will come to church but never does. I have been a firsthand witness of this as we see him fairly often and we always tell him to come to church and he says he'll come but he doesn't. On Saturday we went over and I don't even remember what we said but a lot of it was focused on coming to church, reading scriptures etc. etc. We didn't think he would come but lo and behold we were sitting up at the sacrament table and in walks John Mills. It surprised everyone especially me. What's even more crazy is that he rides a bike everywhere because he doesn't have a car and that morning his bike chain broke, so he walked to church which was a good twoish miles away! It blew my mind.
We helped Tom out with some yardwork and he gave us some advice on girls and we got to see some of his yearbooks and it was pretty awesome. He told us the best way to get girls is to ride a motorcycle. So mom and dad, I will be expecting a motorcycle when I get home.
We had exchanges and Elder Thomas came here to Parsons. It was pretty good. During study time we pretty much just talked about deep doctrine the whole time. Good stuff.
Yesterday we went to Joplin. Actually we were in Webb City pretty much the whole time. We had a zone activity so we just went to a park and played Frisbee and tennis and football. It was practically summer weather and it was really nice to get out and do something physical. Then we went to Webb City's apartment and played Elder Drake's Star Wars roleplaying game. The Joplin Elders and the Webb City Elders play it every Monday because they are so close to each other. Elder Colley and myself had no idea what was going on the whole time. But it was still really fun.
I gave a talk in church on Sunday. It was pretty rad if I do say so myself. It was on the August 2014 1st Presidency message.
I'm pretty sure the Miami sisters think that we're losers because they never talk to us when we do district prayer over the phone every night and when we did the mission wide fast they wouldn't join in with us and Neosho, they just did it on their own.
There's this less active member that we sometimes go see and take on exchanges, he is more on the nerdy side of things. We saw him this week and he showed us his Magic, The Gathering card collection. It is HUGE. He has at least 10 binders full of cards and like two small boxes filled with cards with 10 even smaller boxes filled with cards and then he has a bunch of decks he's put together himself. He taught us how to play and then he gave me one of his decks so if anybody ever needs somebody to play Magic with *cough cough: Nolan* then hit me up. One of the Webb City Elders actually has some decks so one of these days, when we have more miles, we might go play some Magic with them on p-day. It's actually kinda fun ok.
That's all for now. Pray for Steve and for Andie, that they will feel the Spirit and the love Heavenly Father has for them. They need it. Heck I need it too. We all need it. One of the things the Church blesses it's members with is Salvation from Ignorance. We know who we are. We know where we came from, why we're here, where we want to go, and how to get there. We know what brings the most lasting happiness in this life and the next. Never take for granted the knowledge that we have in this Church. It is very valuable. Cherish the scriptures. Go to church. These things will make you happy. :) Have a great week everybody!
Elder Naegle
So you know how when you eat popcorn and the kernel thingys get stuck in you gums and in between your teeth? Yeah, so I thought I had one of those just sitting in one of the holes where wisdom teeth used to reside. The weird thing is, is that I haven't eaten popcorn in a long time, so I wasn't quite sure what it was. I kept trying to get it out with my tongue but it just wouldn't budge. I even tried using a tooth pick to drag it out. Then one day I just grabbed some tweezers and after about 2 minutes of trying to use a fogged up mirror to get it, I got it and pulled it out. The attached picture is what I pulled out. It's on an armchair. It's about the size of an average popcorn kernel thingy that gets stuck in your teeth and gums. It's really hard so I think it might be part of a bone or the actual wisdom tooth that just somehow came up in my gums one day. So now I can say that I have successfully performed surgery on myself. :)

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