Thursday, January 22, 2015

December 29th: A full moon on Christmas day

So this last week was Christmas-y so we didn't get hardly any lessons in in fact the one appointment we did have set up got canceled (I think they were hung over). We did have fun though. On Wednesday we went down to Miami (pronounced my-am-ah) Oklahoma for a district party. We did a white elephant exchange, ate lots of goodies, played killer bunnies, went to subway and watched Frozen. It was my first time watching Frozen and I wasn't all that impressed. On the way back we stopped at a member's house and borrowed a bunch of G rated movies to watch that night. Then we went to the Church (because it's right across the street from where we live) and watched Monsters Inc. and Rio. On Christmas day we opened presents, skyped our families, watched Rio 2 and the Polar Express, then we went to a members house and ate dinner and watched The Princess Diaries 2. Their youngest son mooned me.... 0_0

Friday pretty much all we did was help a lady move from the house we helped her move into like 2 months ago. A member who used to live here and now lives in Chanute or something like that, owns the house that the lady lived in and the one she was moving into. She's moving because her boyfriend is an illegal or something like that 0_0 She has investigated the church before and wants to continue to investigate (from what we've heard at least) but she is very unnerved by my companion and I. Apparently because we show up without warning and it scares her. So that's kinda dumb. So if this area ever gets sisters than maybe she'll get baptized.

So one time I went on exchanges to Neosho and we visited a less active member and he told me that he really liked me and could tell that I had a good heart. So I didn't think that much of it until I got a Christmas package from him. So that was kinda weird but funny.

Saturday we got to go to the temple! It was really nice. We had to drive for like 3 hours to the Kansas City Temple. It was not as packed as Utah temples are which was nice. The youth in our branch got to do 15 baptisms each. I got to do most the baptizing. Missionaries apparently can't baptize girls in the temple. So I baptized all the boys which was 4 and then another guy who had 12 family names and then he did a family name for our recent convert, Venice, who was there and she brought her father's name to be baptized and confirmed. It was pretty awesome.

Transfer calls came in on Saturday and Elder Cluff is going all the way to West Plains Missouri (which ironically is on the farthest east part of the mission). He is going to be a zone leader there. Meanwhile I get to stay in Parsons and my new companion is going to be an Elder Colley, who has actually been Elder Cluff's companion before. I've heard from 3 people that he's awesome so we'll see how it goes. He is apparently pretty short so it will be funny to see a really tall Elder with a really short Elder. Transfers are on Thursday. The zone leaders told everybody that even if we weren't getting transferred we had to be at transfer point because of something important. Elder Merryweather put forth the idea that we're getting iPads. So that would be pretty cool but it's pretty unlikely. iPads have been a running joke in the OTM for like a year and a half now and I think everybody has pretty much accepted the fact that we aren't getting them for a long time.

Yesterday, Sunday, we actually met with an investigator. Steve. He actually remembered our appointment when we called him on Saturday. So we taught (tried to) the Restoration. I think we did a pretty good job at asking him inspired questions but I'm pretty sure most of the stuff we taught him, even though he claimed to understand, went over his head. Then halfway through the lesson a man came to the door and asked us if we knew where a certain address was on the same street that Steve lives on. So Bro. Ince went outside with him to see if they could find it. The address doesn't exist. Then while they were gone Steve asked if we wanted some water so he got us some water and then went to the restroom. First off Steve told us that he has Hepatitis C. Then while he was in the bathroom and after we had both taken a swig of our water, Elder Cluff said "well I hope we don't get Hepatitis C" It was really funny and if I get hepatitis C I'm going to sue Steve. So we're going to keep working with Steve and hope that we can get him to come unto Christ. However there was a big Playboy magazine sitting on the couch when we walked in so it will probably be more difficult than we originally imagined.

At church the other day Elder Cluff gave a talk. So I was sitting by myself a couple of seats down from an elderly lady. She kept falling asleep and snoring quit loudly. The 1st counselor in the branch presidency kept trying to get me to wake her up but I didn't because that would be very awkward. So I prayed really hard that it wouldn't be necessary for me to wake her up because the Branch president joined in on trying to get me to nudge her awake. So then she woke up and then fell asleep but she didn't snore (at least not loud enough to merit the presidency's attention) again. So the Church is true.

Everybody have a Happy New Year!
Elder Naegle

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