Monday, December 8, 2014

Getting Hairy with Howard

The only reason I titled my email the way I did is because last Monday there was an investigator who had been dropped by the missionaries and he is good friends with Bro. Fowler. So last week Bro. Fowler asked him if he wanted a priesthood blessing because he wasn't doing too good so we went over on Monday and gave him a blessing and it was pretty good. Hopefully he will start progressing again and he came to our branch Christmas party so that was good. Anyways he has a big dog and two medium dogs and they got sooo much hair all over my suit and my coat and my suitcoat.
Speaking of coats, we were volunteering at the thrift shop like we always do on Tuesdays and while we were working (all we do is collect hangers and hang clothes up throughout the store for half an hour and then all the old ladies call for a break and we sit down and they feed us home-baked goods) a guy came in and dropped off some stuff. One of the things he dropped off was an old blue suit. Well the suit looked like it fit me so I took it (with permission of course). I tried it on and it fits me pretty nicely except the pants were made for somebody with a much larger girth than myself and there are no belt loops either :/ So it doesn't quite fit me sadly but I'm still gonna keep it. I have a picture of it but I left my adapter at the apartment so ya'll will have to wait til next week for some pictures.
Remember the guy from last week who wanted to quit smoking and his name was Tyler? Yeah now I call him Two-Timin-Tyler (I just now came up with that). He told us that he was related to a less active family here in town and we just took his word for it. Well it turns out that they have no idea who he is. O_O They've never seen him before and they've never heard of him before. They don't recognize his last name either. We haven't been able to get in contact with him so he's on the very back burner right now until we can ask him about his lies. What makes it more creepy is that he asked if they had room for him to move in with them because he really hates where he lives because the other people in the apartment complex (the apartment complex is like the size of my house, it's really small) are crazy drunks and druggies.
We had a really good zone training meeting on Wednesday. It was good. I don't remember much actually but I left uplifted and inspired. Our zone is pretty dope. We made two zone wide goals. We are going to hit all 4 standards and have 100% member present lessons. For the next TWO weeks. It's gonna be crazy.
So there's this lady who has investigated before and even had a baptismal date but she flaked out for a while. Then one day we went to her house and talked to her and set up an appointment (she flaked out on that too) She's been super busy but her son Deondre, has told us that he is pretty interested and he set up an appointment for today actually and we went over and he wasn't there... That's pretty much the norm here in Parsons. Nobody will set up appointments so we kinda just stop by people's houses and hope they're home. (most people live off of disability so they don't have much to do except watch TV) Yeah 100% member present... Haha it'll be fine. We're still gonna try to work with him though.
The other day we were just gonna go around and OTM people (Open thy mouth, it means basically that we just start talking to random strangers, smokers are really easy because they don't have anywhere to run to) So we used He is the Gift (which is something you should check out by the way it's really nice) and handed out a good amount of cards and got a two return appointments out of (one of them flaked out yesterday). While we were at Walmart we met a man named Lynn. He is going to the community college here and he originally thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses. But we talked to him and turns out he is kinda looking for a church so we set an appointment with him. He flaked out. But while he was flaking we set up an appointment for the next day which was yesterday and he was there! We taught him and he didn't realize that we were Mormons because we were talking about other faiths and he started talking about Mormons and how they ride horses and stuff. Turns out he thought Mormons were Amish. Sidenote: there is actually a big Amish community in our area. I have pictures of Amish people. Anyways we told him that we were Mormons and that we are actually pretty normal. Well normal as far as extremes go. I don't think he understood all of what we taught him. But when we told him that Jesus Christ came and visited the people in the Americas he was like "What I didn't know that, cool" Not in those exact words but you get the picture. We set up an appointment for next Sunday with him and he said he will probably come to church as long as he gets a ride because he only has a bike. Fortunately he lives right next door to the Knowles who coincidently give people rides to church. Like he literally lives right next door to them. It kinda blew our minds. So it just goes to show that the Church is true. Also while we were talking to him he asked something about hymns and so I showed him my little hymn book and he took it thinking I was giving it to him. I didn't really know what to say to him so I was just going to let him keep it. But don't worry I got it back. It was pretty scary though.
So we had a branch Christmas party and it was pretty delicious. We got a lot of Less actives there and that was good. Although like none of them showed up to church the next day... But they had a little Christmas devotional that ended with them showing the He is the Gift video and it was really good and spiritual until all the less actives started clapping and it ruined the spirit. We're still working on them. Sigh
Today we exchanged with Neosho again. I stayed in Parsons this time and Elder Merrywheather came here. He was the guy I replaced so he knows the area pretty well so it's not super sketchy. But the fun news is that we're not exchanging back until our district meeting (because of miles) which isn't til Wednesday. So me and Elder Merrywheather get to party it up til then and talk bad about our companions. Haha just kidding. It's going to be soo fun though. We've already had a grand old time doing things such as laundry and shopping and emailing. Ok missionary work isn't too big in the fun department but we do what we can. The Church is still true though.
Well those are all the important and less important things that happened last week. I hope you enjoyed them. We will need your prayers these next two weeks for our big goals that we've set so please help us there. Other than that my only advice is to keep it real and stay classy.
Elder Naegle

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