Monday, December 1, 2014

Parsons, Kansas. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

So we've learned from people that live here that Parsons is a pretty dangerous place. In Kansas it is 7th on the list for most crime per capita. So that's pretty sketchy. Luckily we haven't run into anything that dangerous. Although the other night we were sitting at a stop light and there was this dude on a motorcycle. He looked like a stereotypical tough motorcycler. The car behind him must've did something to make him angry because he was making less than friendly hand gestures at them. He motioned for them to follow him, assumingly to settle the affair with a manly brawl. The car didn't follow him so he flipped around and started chasing it. It was clear that the guy in the car was very frightened because he took off like a bat out of you know. Car man made a hasty turn and we looked back and the motorcycler turned down the same street. So we can only assume that there was a fight of epic proportions and that many heroes were discovered and some villains became infamous.
There's a less active/part member family in our branch that only sometimes comes to church. The dad isn't a member but they invited us to dinner this last week. It was very delicious. He, the dad, has a smoker and is apparently very good with it. They fed us smoked pulled pork sandwiches and then gave us some leftovers. It's strange he seems like a total Mormon, he just isn't baptized. But my guess is that he will eventually join the church because he is a great guy.
We had an appointment set up with a less active member for Wednesday. So we went over and met with him and his family. It appears that he grew up in the church and got baptized but he was never active. His wife however is not a member. She is struggling with depression because their son committed suicide like a year or so ago.  We watched the Restoration video with them. Which is awesome because we were leaving our apartment and Elder Cluff was like: hmm we should bring along a Restoration video. So it was inspired. She told us that she didn't feel depressed when we were there and she is really interested in that. We went over again last night and taught them a little more but mostly set up an appointment with them for next week. At this point they are really golden.
We were helping a family move to another house in Parsons on Saturday and this guy who is related to them came up and started talking to them. He told them that he wants to quit smoking so the grandma told him that we could help him. So we gave him our number and got his and met with him that night to get the ball rolling on the Stop Smoking workshop (which neither myself nor my companion know how to do). We got it started with him and then asked if he would like to learn more about the gospel and he said sure. So then we met with him yesterday at his cousin's house (the one we were helping move) and he asked them if he could live there because he's from Wichita and he wants to live here now and he's living off of disability. So now we think that he might just be trying to mooch off of his relatives so we are not going to meet over there anymore. But I think that we can get him to recognize the truth. He seems to have a lot of faith in Heavenly Father so that will help him if he reads the Book of Mormon.
Thanksgiving was good. We had dinner at the Jones's with the Adams and a friend of theirs. We went over there at 11 and helped them prepare and then eat dinner. We got done eating desert at like 3:30. The only problem though was that Bro. Fowler called us that morning and set up to eat dinner (at a restaurant ugh) at 4. I could barely finish my pie at the Jones's and we had to eat dinner with Bro. Fowler... We got there and we all got the turkey dinner and I thought it tasted like typical cafeteria food. Which is another way to say very low quality. I barely ate any of it. Elder Cluff cleaned his whole plate. I really don't know how he accomplished it because I barely ate more than him at the Jones's. I'm jealous of him now because he can eat more than me... :(
The only other thing that happened this week was exchanges with Neosho. I went over to Neosho again. This time though it was with the other Neosho Elder who coincidently came out with me. We are both in training and they stuck us together expecting us to be able to do anything. We taught a good lesson to an investigator and met with a less active who said he could tell that I had a really kind heart(?) and we got dropped by an investigator and did a lot of tracting. I felt really good about myself because I placed a BOM and was able to hold the people's attention. The Elder I was with however was a robot. He had a script that he just blurted out and of course nobody was receptive. Oh well.
That's pretty much all the interesting things that happened this week besides the fact that I got a haircut today so that was a fun experience. Please keep me in your prayers! I love all of you!
Elder Naegle

Elder Cluff took a picture of himself with my camera so now you all know what he looks like.

                                           I broke the screen on our sliding door.

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