Sunday, November 30, 2014

Getting Naked for Thanksgiving (the juice)

So because I am really lazy and am tired of eating apples and celery (because those are the only healthy things I buy). I started buying Naked juice because they are oh so delicious and healthy too. Unfortunately, my companion doesn't appreciate the many different plays on words that I made up using Naked juice. I really wanted to ask him if he ever got Naked but I didn't think he would really appreciate it. So I am planning all these different jokes to make when one of us gets transferred. Yes, I know what you are thinking, and yes you're right I am a terrible missionary, I'm sorry but I could not resist. :P So if you have never gotten Naked, you should try it. XD Please forgive me.
Well this week has been pretty slow. So slow that I don't even remember most of the events that transpired.

Well, we haven't been able to meet with Kristena at all since we set her baptismal date. I'm worried that she will not be ready by the time the date rolls around. So we will continue to pray, invite and love her because that's all we can really do. Venice though is still awesome and we helped her with family history on Friday and it went well. Just because she is such and awesome person I know she will be able to get Kristena to come around eventually. Hopefully by January 10.

Friday we rode our bikes, and it was raining... I got mud all over my pants and shoes but the rest of me stayed fine because I was all buttoned up in my coat. While we were riding Sis. Holgate drove by and told us that Pres. Holgate passed away that morning. It was pretty sad (and I'm pretty sure that's why it was raining that day) but at least we know he is in a better place and he will be able to see his family again. We also stopped at Subway for lunch. We got a gift card from a member who forgot to feed us one night. So we had Subway and then we called all the less actives in our branch. We actually set up some appointments with a couple and there were a couple more that said they would be fine with us stopping by and getting to know them.

Saturday the family that we've been helping with finally moved to the house we have been helping them with. The house looks really good (thanks to us of course). We pretty much helped them all day except for the fact that we went to the hospital to give a blessing to Bro. Crozier who wasn't doing too good. Don't worry it is unlikely that he will pass away.

There was a new family that moved in not too long ago. It's a single mom with I think two daughters. She is a convert and came from a really big ward (800 people) from Colorado Springs, and was a little shocked about the smallness of our branch. The good news is that the church is true everywhere not just in big Utahish wards. But she seems pretty cool, from what I can tell she is into pretty deep doctrinal stuff. She told us that when she first met the missionaries it was to sit them down and set them straight. Man, I wish people would try to set me straight.

We visited Tom Mitchell again this week. We took a less active with us which turned out to be a bad idea. They both just sat and talked the whole time. And I fell asleep... again. I'm thinking that we will not be taking this less active to Tom's house anymore. Anyways we asked Tom if he believed that the BOM is true and he said yeah. Unfortunately with further discussion, we learned that Tom is apparently one of those people that doesn't get the one true church concept, which Parsons has an unfortunate abundance of those kinds of people. We really don't know what to do with him other than slap him with a BOM and yell "BELIEVE!" I don't think that it would be very effective though. But if we run out of options...

So the other day we were doing something, that obviously wasn't very important because I forgot what it was, and I took the little American flag off of the top of my lamp because I wanted to cover the lamp because it shone brightly in my eyes when I stood up and looked at the whiteboard. So I took the flag and wondered where to put it when lo and behold, I saw another lamp. This lamp is the main source of light in our front room. It has a little metal bar over the top of it that serves no purpose whatsoever... until now. There are two little holes in each side of the bar and a little American flag fits perfectly in the hole. Luckily there was another flag of roughly the same size and I put it into the other hole to make it symmetrical. Then I decided to flip it around 180 because it would look better. I didn't realize the metal would obviously be very hot. So I burnt my thumb. The price we sometimes pay to be patriotic.

Some other completely useless information that I think you should all know: I have noticed that toast here for some reason is not very good. I blame the humidity because they always seem to be soggy. For some reason it is always a struggle for me to remove the stickers off of apples. I never had trouble with them in Utah, so again, I blame the humidity. I gave up on trying to eat other things besides French toast for breakfast and now I only have French toast for breakfast. I ran out of bread this week because I only eat French toast for breakfast. I am really bored of French toast now, but I am more lazy than bored so... I haven't had a haircut since before I went into the MTC. I was going to get a haircut today but I used up all the money on my card getting Naked. Getting Naked is pretty expensive. Oh and I eat salad a lot too, so you can't say that I'm completely unhealthy. I love salad.

I love you all and please keep me in your prayers. Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Naegle

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