Monday, October 12, 2015


This last week full of surprises. Lots of members in Greenwood were getting mad at us for spending so much time in Mena. Our ward mission leader came over to our apartment and ranted to us for a cool minute on Friday. Our Bishop asked us to do this 15 day challenge thing with the members and we never really got around to it and then he got mad at us on Wednesday and threatened to call President and request to have us transferred if we weren't going to do his program... But the craziest news was that some sisters in a different area in the mission had to evacuate their apartment because of something to do with chlorine I think but they didn't tell us the exact reason. Anyways, basically those sisters are coming to Greenwood today and are taking it over and now my my companion and I are going to be in Mena full time. So that's pretty interesting news. We also had our baptism in Mena and that was really fun. Other than that things are pretty much the same. We did find like 6 new investigators last week so that was nice. Most of them are in Greenwood but there was one in Mena. I think it'll be good to have Sisters in Greenwood because they'll be good for some of our investigators. Speaking of our investigators, there's this one lady we've been teaching pretty much since I got in Greenwood and she's had a really hard life, her son is paralyzed from the waist down and she has to take care of him 24/7 almost and I think her husband ran away with her sister or something crazy like that. Anyways, we I first met her she was always really quiet and wouldn't talk much in our lessons and was always super sad. But, the last two weeks she's all of a sudden a lot more happy and she talks a lot more and she' a lot more animated in our discussions and everything! It's been a complete 180. And I'm sure you're all wondering why, well, let me tell ya... She reads the Book of Mormon everyday before she goes to bed and she told us it makes her feel good and it has obviously made her a lot more happy in her life, just by reading it! So everybody read your copies of the Books of Mormons.
Elder Naegle

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