Monday, October 19, 2015


Well this last week was pretty good. We were in Mena full time and we didn't really have a teaching pool, so we spent a lot of the time getting referrals and finding new investigators. We found a lot of solid potentials and we also found some good investigators. We're still working on the ones that we've got but we've got a lot of new people to work with now. Not really any progress with anybody though. We're having some trouble getting people to come to church. We haven't even seen Daniel forever, except we saw him this morning while we were walking out of walmart... But one time we were with this kid named Brandon and he had a friend that wanted to hang out so we went to the church and shot some hoops and then started talking to his friend, who's name is Nick, and we ended up having a really good, really spiritual lesson with him. It was cool because it was going good and then we got to Joseph Smith and he was like "I don't believe that crazy stuff" but then we circled around and told him the First Vision story and the Spirit was super strong and then he got really excited about it and he took The Book of Mormon and yeah he even recognized the Spirit. It was cool because he was like: "I didn't know that God and Jesus appeared to Joseph Smith" and then I was like: "why do you think they appeared to him?" and he was like: "because they wanted him to start a church!'' and we were like: "yeah!" Then we went and got a bunch of those little pizza pockets and chocolate milk and ate lunch at the church. There's this really good brand of chocolate milk here called Promised Land and I don't know if they sell it in Utah but it's really good and we get it all the time. By 'we' I mean Elder Nau, I don't get it as often as him. Anyways it was cool that we got all these new people to teach but it doesn't really matter anymore because I'm being transferred to Salisaw Oklahoma. It's nice because it's still in the zone just on the other side of Fort Smith. I'm going to be split training again a guy named Elder Kealer and he's really cool so it'll be good. Also another funny story was they asked us to bless the bread in sacrament meeting and so we were chilling up there and all of the sudden Elder Nau looks under the cloth and he said: there's no bread! so I looked under on my side and I saw no bread. So we got up and went to the kitchen to look for bread, meanwhile they start singing the sacrament hymn and we're in the kitchen microwaving a frozen heel of a bread and we come back with our microwaved bread and the high councilor and one of the speakers are up there breaking bread... so I guess we just didn't see the bread... then everybody was asking us why we left and it was embarrassing but funny at the same time. Well that's all I have for this week. Keep on keeping on. The Atonement is really real. I promise. At times it doesn't feel like you're moving anywhere but when you look back you've gone further than you ever could've imagined, so don't quit!
Elder Naegle

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