Monday, July 18, 2016

June 6th TORNADOES!!!

For some reason, the last couple of weeks, I have had the strangest desire to shoot birds (there are a lot of birds in Missouri) and to cut things with a saw. I don't know why...Anyways, Elijah may have schizophrenia, so we're not sure how accountable he is. According to his sister, he has voices in his head that tell him to kill his dad and he regularly gets abducted by aliens... needless to say we will probably be dropping him soon after we get a professional second opinion by the first counselor in the mission presidency who lives in our ward and is a psychologist. Probably the coolest thing that happened this last week was that we got a referral for a guy in Chesterfield, which is nice because there isn't much work going on there right now. Anyways it took us a long time to contact him for various extenuating circumstances, but we finally did and he is a man from Nigeria with a thick accent. His native language is Yoruba. He is very nice. For some reason he started talking to us about Muslims and how Christians and Muslims practically believe the same thing but they don't believe that Christ is the Son of God. We found out later that he thought we were Muslims...? Anyways he called his friend who lives in Nigeria and had us talk to him because apparently he's a member of our church and that's how he found out about our church. We found out later that his friend is from the Church of Christ. Anyways the cool part of this story is that a couple of weeks ago a man moved into our ward who coincidentally is originally from Nigeria and he speaks Yoruba as well. Then we called the mission office and they had 1 copy of the Book of Mormon in Yoruba. So we ordered it. Then we took the member to his house and the member's name is Bro Oyoyo, and the investigator's name is Joshua. They hit it off. Joshua is the funniest guy ever. He is such a happy guy and it's just so fun to talk to him. He clapped a little bit when Bro Oyoyo's 10 year old son basically bore his testimony. And he was very impressed when Bro Oyoyo told him how we pay our own ways on our missions. It was very hard to understand both of them because they would switch in and out of Yoruba and they both have pretty thick accents. So we have high hopes for Joshua. Other than that, we spent all day at the mall today waiting for our car's oil to be changed and then they had to change the tires and they couldn't get a hold of the mission office and it was annoying because we ended up hanging out at the mall from 11 to like 2 just looking at all the nice clothes that we couldn't buy... Then nobody came to church on Sunday. Right now we're still working on getting the wards involved. We've had some good meetings with the leaders of the wards and so hopefully we can get a foundation laid that will bless the wards and missionaries serving here for months or even years to come. That's about all
Elder Naegle

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