Monday, July 18, 2016

July 11th Henryetta Oklahoma

So we got transfer calls on Tuesday. I was informed that I was going to go to Henryetta Oklahoma. I was a little bit sad to leave Springfield and Republic, but I was ready to go. That was a hard area to be in and it was weird because I didn't connect with anyone in either of the wards. They were all in band and stuff in high school which is cool and all, but I don't know how to relate to them so yeah. Really the only people who I was sad to leave was Sis Martin, our cherokee grandmother (who's like the whitest old lady you could ever meet) she's super awesome. Every time we go over there she was super happy so see us and would always tell us to go grab some goodies from her kitchen. Then we'd fix something for her and watch a talk from the April 2006 General Conference because that was the only Conference we had on disc. Then sometimes she's take us out to lunch to Ziggies. She was also a self-proclaimed cougar, because she was always hanging out with young men. Then there was the Bauers who were the chillest family in Republic. They were all super into sports and they just love the missionaries so they always treated us nice. One time, when Elder Gordon and I were doing our morning run on the track inside of the rec center, Gus Bauer walked in a gave us some Sonic breakfast burritos. They were awesome. So now I am in Henryetta, OK. we're like an hour south of Tulsa so there's missionaries nearby, kind of... There's also Raising Cane's, so Wednesday I am going to try to eat there because we'll be up in Broken Arrow for a meeting. So the story with Henryetta is that there were two Elders here. Well a couple of weeks ago, one of the Elders had a seizure, and it was his second one, and on your second seizure the church sends you home. So he and his companion both ended up going home because apparently his companion had some other medical issue that he went home from. So there haven't been any missionaries in this area for about two weeks... It's a struggle because there hasn't been any work here for a while. I was looking through the progress records for the last couple months and the large majority of the people they were looking with was less actives, so we'll see what happen. Also, I am training somebody fresh out of the MTC. He is really green. Think of the guy from The Best Two Years, but shorter. He is really strange and sorta socially awkward. He's not arrogant, but he has a little more confidence than he should have. So I'm not gonna lie I've been really stressed out the last couple of days. Luckily, the Lord has got my back and I've been feeling a little bit better today. I've got a lot of other missionaries out here who have my back so the Lord is taking care of me. Today we went up to Tulsa and played some Rugby with a bunch of other missionaries. It was really fun, but I had to take my shoes off because my basketball shoes have no traction on grass (or a basketball court for that matter) so I took them off, it wasn't too bad. Then we were chilling with some other Elders, we went to Carls Jr which is weird because they mostly have Hardees out here. Then we went to Dick's sporting goods to just look around and I was looking at some nice Nike shoes that were way out of my price and my comp told me he'd buy them for me and I told him no, and we went back and forth for a while and he said I'll try to get a deal, so I thought that once he tried to get a deal and didn't get one, I'd just be like let's go and he wouldn't buy them for me, but this tricky guy wasn't even trying to get a deal he just went out and bought them. So that was weird. Apparently his dad put $3000 dollars on his home card for a bike, but then he got a free bike and his dad just told him to use it to help other missionaries. While we were driving home he was telling me about how he was bullied, and he had already told me that he was bullied back in High school, but while driving back he was telling me that other missionaries were bullying him in the MTC, so if that's true then that's really sad. I mean, he's a strange dude, but that's no reason to bully somebody. I think that's also why he acts more confident than he should be because he was bullied and it's hurt his self esteem so he overcompensates. Anyways, I want to help him now and try to help him have a good experience. It's going to be super hard but we'll see. Oh we also have a gym like a mile from our apartment and it's 24/7 so I'm gonna try to lose this winter coat I've put on.
I think that's about all I have to say. 
Elder Naegle

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