Monday, July 18, 2016

June 27th: Life in Color

This last week was a good week. Probably the best thing was the Traveling Assistants came and we were able to go on exchanges with them. Elder Murdock and Elder Sorensen are the traveling assistants and they are both super awesome missionaries and people. Elder Sorensen is the son of the guy who invented Blender Bottle, and Elder Murdock is the cousin/best friend of my last companion who is Elder Gordon who is also one of my favorite companions. I got to go with Elder Murdock and we had a good time. He taught me a lot of things, and we had some really good conversations about plans and goals for after the mission and the role of confidence in our lives and whatnot. One thing they told us to do was to make daily goals not related to the key indicators. So we have a daily goal of talking to 5 people a day outside of our other plans and appointments, so that can be either tracting or just talking to people outside or inside or wherever. Anyways we have done it every day except for Sunday because we felt that Sunday probably wouldn't be a good day to do it and we ended up being super busy yesterday. Well, it has been really rough trying to accomplish that goal. For some reason, all the rude people have been coming out of the woodworks and despite the fact that we have accomplished our goal everyday so far, we have not gotten any new investigators. :( There was this one super rude Catholic lady that put me into a really bad mood on Friday. So Saturday night after another long hard day, I wasn't in the best of moods. Then I listened to a podcast of a guy interviewing Via Sikahema while laying in my bed, and I fell asleep, so I didn't really get anything out of it. But then as I was trying to fall asleep, I had the thought to choose happiness, which coincidentally is the name of a talk I've been reading a lot lately and then. So I decided to choose to be happy. Then I woke up Sunday morning and was in a bad mood again, so I had to decide to be happy again. So I ended up having a real good day yesterday. Then we had dinner at the stake president's house and we stayed for like two hours just talking to the stake President and his wife and his wife told us that normally she is a huge stickler on not letting missionaries stay longer than an hour, but she was really glad she did because they said it was good to get to know us and now they trust us, or something like that, I can't exactly remember what she said. So then today I read a really good talk this morning called: Be Excellent: Becoming who you are in today's world and it inspired me as well. So even though we don't have anybody to teach, we're just gonna keep trucking and trust in the Lord, and His timing. So moral of the story, even though it's really cliche and everybody already knows it: there's lots of bad things in life and there's lots of good things in life, if we choose to focus on the good things, then we'll be happy, if we choose to focus on the bad things, we'll be sad. So I usually focus on the bad things in life, but now I'm learning how to focus on the good things. It's a lot better.  We are also going Go Karting today for an Elder Pack's birthday. That's about all. Plus I bought some real nice Blender Bottles this morning. One of them has an American flag on it.
Elder Naegle

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