Monday, April 11, 2016


So this last week was kinda strange. Not really. We had MLC on Tuesday and that was really fun. It is always good to get instructed by President and Sister Loveland. One of our investigators has really started picking up steam. His name is Daniel. He lives out in Garfield which is basically the boonies. He's actually really sincere and wanting to learn. Even though he would seem to be kind of a backwoodsy guy, he is actually pretty sharp so that will help him. He just needs to read the Book of Mormon and he knows that because he says it ever ytime he asks a question pretty much. I also had exchanges with Elder Brown in my district and that was a blast. We had a great day and then we built a fire in our backyard and roasted marshmallows. They were super old marshmallows so they didn't taste that good. And the chocolate we had was really thick so they weren't the best smores. Also I found out a day later that the graham crackers were expired as well. But they still tasted good. Elder Brown and I had a really good heart to heart and he helped me out with some of my struggles so that was a tender mercy. The only other big thing is that one of our members has a girlfriend who is agnostic and her family is atheist. She came to church the a couple of weeks ago and then watched some conference and then came yesterday. Our stake had a mini-mission which was really fun, we had to lead district meetings with teenagers and it was difficult because they don't know how to be missionaries. Anyways her family was making fun of her for going to church because they're all atheists and she stood up to them and said that she knew she felt something and that she was going to keep going to church. So things are going pretty swell right now. But we got transfer calls the other night and I am actually leaving to go back to Springfield Missouri. I will be serving in the Republic ward as well as the Chesterfield ward. I'm actually going to be in the same district as my old area so that will be a good time.
Love ya'll
Elder Naegle

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