Monday, April 25, 2016

Stake Conference

So we had stake conference yesterday and on Saturday. It was really good. We have a sweet stake president and he's super funny. He's also in one of the wards we cover. It also happens to be the ward that is struggling with missionary work, and has been struggling for a while. And it's also the ward that the first counselor in the mission presidency lives in. So we're not sure why it's struggling but we're making plans to get the work going. The problem is basically the members don't think the missionaries care about their ward so they don't care about it either. We're just going to do a bunch of active member lessons and see what comes of it. Other than that not too much happened. We've been trying by a bunch of people and been having very little luck all week. Hopefully this next week is better. We basically did a bunch of service all week. We also have this investigator who went to Bible college or whatever you do to become a pastor, but he requested a Book of Mormon because he was wondering why the college was knocking the Mormons all the time so he wanted to find out what they're all about. He's pretty open to what we teach him, but he also researches a lot of anti stuff, but he takes it with a grain of salt, but we're sure he also takes what we teach him with a grain of salt. So we end up answering a lot of questions that he has that are totally irrelevant. We'll see what happens with him. He also doesn't want to come to church because it's three hours long, which is funny because he studied to be a pastor... We also got a Book of Mormon request for this weird dude who just got out of the shower when he answered the door. He was all wet and shirtless and apparently he believes in pagan gods and bad dental hygiene. Specifically Thor and Odin. It was an interesting experience.
Elder Naegle

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