Monday, April 18, 2016

Springfield round two

So this last week had a lot of good byes for Pea Ridge and Metfield and I was actually really sad to leave some of the members there and some of our investigators. But Republic and Chesterfield is pretty good. My new companion is a goofy dude and he's awesome, we get along really well. He's got three transfers left and I've got four so we're both at about the same time in our missions. We both want to work hard and finish strong and we like each other so it makes it a lot easier to do that. Our biggest problem is that we get along too well and sometimes just talk instead of study, but we're working on that. We've got a pretty nice apartment. Some other missionaries before us brought a huge carving of Jesus Christ's face into our apartment so we just have a huge face watching us all the time. We cleaned a bunch of junk out of our pantry and fridge the other day and we threw away about a couple hundred dollars worth of food. Some of it was expired some of it was just junk that we shouldn't be eating anyways. We've got some good investigators in Republic. One guy has been reading the Book of Mormon faithfully but he won't come to church until he gets his answer but we're seeing him tonight and we've got a solid lesson plan for him so we'll see what happens. We also taught this other investigator last night with some a member couple and it went so solid! She apparently used to be super turned off to the Book of Mormon but the missionaries taught her and she warmed up to it, and she loved the Plan of Salvation lesson. We taught her the word of wisdom and she was already living it and believes in all of it! Even the coffee and tea part! She goes to another church, but we invited her to stake conference this next week and she said she would come then she told us: I'm not going to tell my church because they're super judgmental. She's so solid. We have a few other investigators, but I haven't met them so that will have to wait til next week. Chesterfield is struggling right now but we've got a guy that the missionaries taught the first lesson to last week and he was a referral and we got a referral the other day that we still need to contact and then we actually got another kind of referral for an old lady that's had some struggles with her husband running out on her and draining all her bank accounts and stuff while she was dying in the hospital, so we're going to go talk to her and see what's up. So things are looking up. We've also got an anytime fitness right near by that we're going to work on our summer bodies with.
Elder Naegle
p.s my new address is 1600 Windmill Way Apt F205 Republic MO 65738

this is Daniel Poe

This is Tanner, Zach and Vicki and Rob Ingram. They're so awesome

This was the District in my last area.

 This is Kimberly and Katherine left to right

This is the Andreasen family from Metfield. They're probably my favorite members there
This is Bernadette. She's a less active in Metfield and she always tells us crazy stories 

This is the Curries, they're awesome! They're my other favorite members in Metfeild

This is the Sperrys. They're awesome and my other favorite members in Metfield. They actually know my grandparents. #smallworld

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