Monday, November 30, 2015

One and Dones

Over like the past month and a half, all the investigators who we have found here have all been one and dones. We don't even talk to any of them anymore. We literally have nobody in our teaching pool. It is a struggle finding things to do besides tracting. But that's cool, I've kinda just accepted it. We came up with a list of stereotypical things to look for while tracting to keep it interesting. Some of the things include but are not limited to: confederate flags, a dog, multiple dogs, people smoking, hoarders, people who've been 'saved', people who tell us of their visions, people who won't stop talking, people who mention polygamy or Mormons being a cult and a few other things that I can't think of right now. I lied about our teaching pool, we've got one solid investigator. Her name is Ashton and I've talked about her before. She's the one who's uncle is a member and we teach her at his house. Her uncle and I agree that she would already be baptized by now if it weren't for her husband who is just fighting her about the whole thing. He had some family members who were Mormon but then they got excommunicated and now they tell him all these nasty things about Mormons and whatnot. It's super lame. She knows it's true, so we just gotta work on her husband... Probably the only slightly cool thing that happened this week was that while we were tracting we knocked on a baptist preacher's door and so I asked him if he would like a Book of Mormon as a gift and he said yeah and that he'd read it. He was pretty nice and didn't try to attack us or anything. So maybe he'll read, maybe he won't but who cares we gave him one anyways. Well that's about all folks.
Elder Naegle

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