Monday, November 9, 2015

Pretty Good Week

This week was pretty good. People don't like to respond to us and the adversary is working pretty hard on a lot of people we're working with. One of our investigators just lost her job, the mom of a family who some members are trying to get to come to church and who are pretty open got attacked by a dog and had to get stitches and so they couldn't come to church. One investigator, we're pretty sure is getting fed anti by her husband. And we teach her at her uncle's house, who's a member, and every time she's been taught there her parents, who aren't too friendly to the idea of her taking the lessons, show up randomly and try to distract everybody from everything. Luckily we did the lesson long before they showed up. This other guy who I haven't even seen since I've got here, he committed to baptism and then his daughter, who is 7 months pregnant, went into premature labor and he's been holed up at the ER for like 2 weeks straight now and we haven't been able to see him. So things have been pretty nuts. But the baptism went well. The guy's name is Cliff and he had a friend who gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon a while ago and then he read it like twice and then lost it. So he called his friend to get a new copy and she sent the missionaries over. The first lesson I had with him we were able to commit him to a date. He's like the nicest older gentleman ever. He loves coming to church. Everything just made sense to him. I forgot my camera today so I'll have to send pictures next week. We had MLC last week as well as zone training meeting and both were very good meetings. We also had interviews with President Loveland. After zone training meeting the other zone leader and I had a meeting with President and Sister Loveland and the assistants. They were very complimentary of our zone and how the meeting went so that was nice to hear. In our zone, every companionship has a trainee in it besides the Spanish. So we're the youngest zone in the mission. This is also probably the best zone I've been in. Everybody in it is hard working and obedient. There's only one companionship that doesn't get along. Things are looking up here though so we just need to get to work because I've been super lazy the last two weeks, mostly because I don't really know what's going on in the area and neither does my companion, so we're almost starting from scratch here. Well I love you all, keep it real, and read The Book of Mormon.
Elder Naegle

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