Monday, September 28, 2015


So this week was alright. We spent the majority of it down in Mena. We work with this kid named Brandon a lot because he was going to go on a mission but then he decided not to because there was some things he didn't talk to his branch president about. So it's been really hard for him because he's supposed to be on a mission right now in Australia. But we've been working with him a lot and he is trying to get all his friends to take the lessons and whatnot. He also got us gym memberships to a neat little 24 hour gym and he works out and studies with us in the mornings. Anyways, probably the biggest news of the week was that we were teaching one of Branden's friends who he got to take the lessons and his name is Daniel. So we actually taught him the restoration last week and it was a pretty good lesson but then this week on Tuesday, I think, we taught him the Plan of Salvation and it made a lot of sense to him. We got a little deeper in the Plan of Salvation than we normally do but he was soaking it all in. We were getting super into it and he was asking some really good questions and it was awesome. Then our dinner texted us and we realized that we were 13 minutes late to dinner and so we had to leave but the best part was that Daniel asked us when we could see him again and teach him more! I've never had anybody that interested in the gospel for my whole mission so far so that was pretty neat for me. So the next lesson we had we asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said that if what we were telling him was true, then why not. So now we just have to talk to his parents and make sure that it's alright that he gets baptized because he's only 17 but I think everything will work out, also we're hoping we might be able to teach his dad because he seems like a pretty chill guy. Well that's the biggest news of the week. Our investigator who already has a date is set to get baptized on the 10 of October so that's really exciting.
Elder Naegle

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