Monday, September 14, 2015

The Book of Norman

There was a lot of stuff that happened this last week. We worked pretty hard and felt pretty confident about our work, except for on one day where we were really lazy and everything fell through. First of all, everybody in Greenwood always talks about how good the high school football team is. They talk it up A LOT. So long story short, a bunch of members wanted us to go to one of the games so we got permission from President to go. We didn't stay for the whole thing but we got there, and then we walked around the whole field, walking across the front rows of both bleachers we could just feel the Baptists' eyes boring into us and then some of the Pentecostal guys we used to ball with were cool though. Greenwood football though, is just a big fish in a little pond. Pretty much everything there was not even close to Bingham's standards so it was pretty boring. It was funny because everybody talks it up soooooooo much and Elder Nau actually lived in Texas for a while in Euless Texas where they have an even better high school football team, so neither of us was impressed. We also got transfer calls on Saturday and my streak of getting a new comp every transfer was broken by Elder Nau, he... broke it... The catch is I am no longer district leader, I am now a zone leader. I guess the new thing in the mission is that the zone leaders are no longer companions so we'll see how that goes down. The assistants haven't even told us how it's going to work yet. Also we just found out today that the sisters who are serving in Mena, AR, which is the unit just below Greenwood, are leaving so Elder Nau and I have to cover that unit as well as our own. I have never covered two areas before or been a zone leader before so this will be interesting... We committed a bunch of people to come to church and... none of them came even though we had really good lessons with all of them. Sis Whitehead doesn't believe that Jesus Christ knows what we go through and she got very adamant about it. We had dinner with a family yesterday who brought their friend to church, and then had dinner with us and her. She was raised pentecostal and of course their blind, adopted son, the first thing that he starts talking about is baptisms for the dead... Then he was wearing a garment top and thought it was a t-shirt because he's blind. I'm mostly just excited about being able to go to MLC because Elder Ham, Elder Dye and Elder Skinner will all be at MLC and they're 3 of my most favorite Elders so I'm really excited.
We also stopped by the Robbins and they said we were cool to come over this week so we're excited to go teach them because they look like they have a lot of potential. and we're gonna start teaching the pentecostal girl. We think she might be dating the member's son...And Salisaw has a referral for us too so things are looking up.
Love, Elder Naegle

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