Monday, May 16, 2016

Nobody came...

This last week was kinda lame. Nobody came to church. One of our solid investigators got in a car accident on the way to our lesson with him, and our other solid investigator said she was going to go to her other church this week and then third solid investigator said he was going to come, but then he didn't. There's this one missionary in my district that takes meds and when he doesn't take them he is bonkers and we just got in a fight. It almost turned bad. Other than that there was nothing too exciting that happened as far as I can remember. Transfer calls are this Saturday which is crazy, this transfer went by really fast. Especially because last transfer was a seven week transfer. Other than that things are going well and I have nothing to complain about.

Elder Naegle

Oh yeah, we were talking to a drunk investigator and he wanted to arm wrestle me, so we arm wrestled with both arms and I beat him both times. We arm wrestled on concrete and now I have a bruise on my right elbow, but I used a blanket for my left arm so it's not as bad. We also got it on video.

Zipline Day

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