Monday, May 16, 2016


So the last story that I forgot to tell: we went to an appointment with our investigator who is kinda Jewish. We show up and he walks out wearing a Mr. Rogers t-shirt and swim trunks. He tells us that his dad left the gate open and when he let the dogs out, his dog ran away. So he asked us to help him find it. So we hop in our little Toyota Corolla and start driving around looking for his dog. He rolls down the window and starts yelling: BRUUUCE?!? BRUUUCE!? He also pronounces his R's like a baby, with a W sound. So it was more like BWUUUCE? BWUUUUCE? It was hilarious. We drove around for like 30 minutes, the whole time Elder Gordon and I are praying to find his dog. Then randomly he says: If we don't find this dog I'm getting a @#$%&%$ cat. Then he asks if he can vape in our car and we tell him only if he does it out the window. Then a cloud of smoke envelopes us and he apologizes. Luckily we found the dog which was an answer to our prayers because there's no way we would've found it without divine assistance. Also he didn't put the dog in our car but he decided to walk it home. Then the next morning he texts us and asks if we can meet later that day. So we say yes. Then we show up and we call him to tell him that we're there because we meet outside his house, he comes outside wearing the same exact Mr. Rogers shirt and the same swim trunks and tells us he forgot we were coming. It was a very funny experience. 

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