Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 2 in the OTM

Well I forgot to mention that I have been sick since I got here in the OTM. Tuesday and Wednesday were really bad. I was hacking and coughing, headaches, my whole body felt bruised, no appetite, no energy and I was just miserable. I guess it's not a good sign that when you are teaching about the postmortal world and the thought comes to your mind: "Huh that sounds really nice right now, hopefully I won't wake up tomorrow" It wasn't as bad as it sounds I promise but it was kinda like that. Tuesday after eating at a member's house, we sat down and went through a branch member list and talked about people in the branch. I fell asleep and Elder Cluff did all the talking. Wednesday was really bad. This was the high point of my sickness and I was hating life. We went to district meeting in Pittsburg and there I asked for a priesthood blessing. I felt a little better after that. Then we did exchanges so I went with Elder Day and a senior couple to Fort Scott where I stayed for the rest of the day. I even felt good enough and hungry enough that we stopped and ate some lunch. Fort Scott is a biking area so I got to ride a bike. Contrary to popular belief backpacks apparently are allowed because every missionary I have seen has one and riding bikes is pretty annoying with a side bag. We went and visited an old lady and read her a Mormon version of Green eggs and Ham. It was funny. We did some tracting. Then we went to serve at a Methodist charity dinner at the local Methodist church. We washed cafeteria lunch trays. Elder Day told me that the Methodists there love the missionaries and help them out all the time by giving them referrals. Apparently they give the missionaries more referrals than their branch members do. The minister even came up to us and asked Elder Day if they were still teaching someone he had apparently referred to them. Funny stuff. Thursday we just taught a bunch of people. I get the feeling like they are just curious about what we have to say and they don't actually realize how the gospel can help them. Today though all the OTM missionaries got an email asking all missionaries to study with the question: how can I get the people I teach and baptize to be deeply converted so that they don't fall away. Then it gave us some scriptures to read, so God works in mysterious ways because I have been thinking the same thing recently. Friday we taught Venice who is the golden recent convert who was baptized right before I got here. I is always awesome teaching her because she loves the gospel so much. Friday we were actually fed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We had breakfast at the branch mission leader's house and had a meeting with him. We had lunch at a member's house and gave them some BOM chapters to read. Then we had dinner at a member's house who live all the way out in Oswego which is like a 25 minute drive from where we live. Saturday we didn't have any appointments and our dinner cancelled,which bummed me out because it was Tony and Moe and I really want to see Tony baptized because he is such an awesome guy and it will help Moe out so much, so we said a prayer asking for guidance and I got the idea to look in the area book so we did. We found a bunch of investigators and less actives who we could go visit, so we hopped on our bikes and went to go visit with them. We set up an appointment with an investigator who I guess the previous missionaries just forgot about because Elder Cluff didn't even know him and we set an appointment with a less active. So it was a really good day especially because we were able to talk to everybody who we knocked on their door and were able to invite most of them to the upcoming branch trunk-or-treat so hopefully they all come. Actually there was this one dude who was taking a nap and we talked to his wife but it was a really great day. We had I think 2 less actives at church and 1 investigator, so that was really good. I made French toast on Sunday morning and it was really good. Then church was really good, we talked about the postmortal world again... But it was really interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Last week I bought a bunch of lettuce thinking that I could easily eat salad everyday. Well I forgot salad dressing so today I got salad dressing and opened up my salad and it was bad. The exp. date was like 4 days ago so sadly I threw it away without eating any of it. :( Well I'm still sick but it's mostly just coughing, a lot of coughing. Elder Cluff is real sick too, so last week was rough, with a lot of coughing involved. I'm starting to enjoy it more and more everyday though and I'm loving the people more and more (it helps that they feed us). Please keep me in your prayers I need them. Love you all!
Elder Naegle

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